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    Maximum sizr/AR for HP 4:1

    I have not been here for a while. Deteriorating eye sight and blood pressure meds have taken a lot of my weaving motivation. I still love Maille but...It hurts not being able to weave. Getting older is not a lot of fun but the alternative is not all that enticing ether.<G> Tonight we say what looked lime HP 4:1 on a series on the BBC America. Anyway the rings looked to be 3/32" and about 3/4" which gives an AR of about 8.33. It got me to wondering of there is a maximum AR for HP 4:1 after which the rings will not hold their shape? Thank you Mike
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    Orange Dawn doesn't like copper.

    I had a bunch of old tarnished copper rings I needed to clean up today. So I filled my rotary drum with stainless shot and water and a shot of orange Dawn. What the heck it was Dawn right? Wrong after a few hours I opened the drum and the water was black, the shot was black and the rings were black, worse then before. So I rinsed everything and refilled the drum and put a Tablespoon full of shot cleaner and as an after thought threw the rings in too. I had no idea what the shot cleaner would to to the copper but since I had to cut about 300 more I figured I could coil and cut more if they did not come out O.K. So 5 or so hours later I took a look and the shot was cleaner and the copper just shined. I mean really shined. Better in my estimation then with burnishing compound. I do not know if the subject of orange Dawn and copper has come up before. If so ignore this thread if not I would be interested in others experience is with silver. p.s. I really do know it did not "shined". It "shown", but shined did seem to say how shiny it was. Sometimes correct English just does not do itself justice.
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    Orange Dawn doesn't like copper.

    Konstantin the Red Thank you Sir, for the English lesson. Reminds me of when I was in the navy I would shine my shoes until they shone and glistened like the sun.<G> You Sir, also remind me why I was a physics major. I read your post to my, wife the grammar queen, and she laughed and demanded I sent it to her. In all honesty thank you. Mike S.
  4. fng2maille

    Orange Dawn doesn't like copper.

    Well what ever it was the rings tarnished up real nice,<G> Thanks for the info I'll pay more attention in the future.
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    Cutting Jump Rings Foredom vs Jump Ringer

    Thank you Martin. I'll take a look there. Mike S.
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    CIR ring size

    I would guess in the short while I've been a member here there have been at least 2 dozen threads on this subject. As best as I remember the answer is use rings with the same outer diameter as the object you are going to capture. I think that came from Phong. I could be wrong. Should I be I am willing to be corrected. The idea makes sense to me but what do I know. Just what may be my faulty memory. Mike
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    Cutting Jump Rings Foredom vs Jump Ringer

    Many of the people who have replied to this thread are pretty knowledgeable. Then there are some like me who was confused. Saw Feet per Minute. Was the speed the coils were fed into the cutter or was it the actual speed of the saw blade as it rotated in feet per minute? So I did some math and Eureka. It is the speed the cutting edge turns in feet per minute. The math for the "Confused" goes this way. Blade diameter in Inches times 3.14(Pi) = edge diameter in inches. Multiply by shaft speed in RPM(Minutes) = cutting edge speed in inches per minute. Divide by 12 = edge speed in feet per minute. O.K. Now I know. How do I determine the blade speed? I remember a strobe device that was variable so the exact speed of a rotating device. The thing was pretty big and awkward. Anyone have any idea what it is called or where I may rent one for a day or so? Thanks Mike
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    looking for snake chain tutorial

    Here is a link to a site with a bunch of tutorials including round mail. I have this one bookmarked. http://home.comcast.net/~grymntl/maille/weavedb.html?present=a
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    What is the best weave for mens jewelry?

    JPL is just a 3:1 spiral with a very tight AR. That being said I am not the weaver just the ring guy. I make them, tumble them, and open them. DW is the weaver. I wanted a big heavy chain and DW decided on JPL. I cut some copper 12AWG 8mm rings. The weave was too loose. AR 3.9. Next I tried a 7.5mm with the same gage. AR 3.5 The weave was absolutely perfect. I would suggest you try a couple of sections of spiral in a looser weave. When you are comfortable with that try doing it in the same way with a tighter AR. Hope this helps with JPL. Mike S.
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    The problem with being an optimist is. No matter what happens you will never be pleasantly surprised.
  11. fng2maille

    Best pliers for small hands

    The thing to remember about pliers for maille is your comfort. Then kinda cost /value gestimate thing. Is it worth the money to buy the most costly pliers for $60 or so or buy some of Harbor Freights $2 small pliers. Again the biggest part of the equation is comfort. Try the Harbor Freight. Cost $4 You might look for Blue Moon brand. My wife likes them but they may be too big for you. Try Goggling Mini Pliers and see what comes up. Considering the size of your hands I would be very hesitant to buy anything without being able to try it our first. Since you seem to suggest you are working precious metals remember most pliers you get you will have to spend some time on them sanding out machining marks and any sharp edges. That includes not only the working faces of the jaws bit the sharp edges of the jaws as well. The other thing you can do is buy pliers with uncoated handles. Then you can get a can of DIP-IT from Walmart for a few bucks. Then you can dip the handles a few times or wrap them in something soft then dip them a few times. Sorry this is so nebulous and kinda whishy washy. There no absolute answers to what you want to know. I'd be willing to bet if you asked what brand/kind of pliers 10 random maillers would most likely give you at least 8 different kinds of pliers. This may not be very helpful but I hope it gives you some things to think about. Mike S.
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    Where to begin

    You should also try Spider Chain. She has two of her own DVDs and you can get kits from her to go with the DVDs. My wife got both of her DVDs and the kits to go with them. Wife learned all of the weaves as soon as she received the items. Well, all but HP 4:1 which almost everyone will tell you is very difficult to learn to start. Still with the hrlp of the DVDs she has HP 4:1 down pat. Here is a link to the DVDs and kits. http://www.spiderchain.com/instructions/dvd.thtml Mike S.
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    macro/mega maille

    I don't know the record. Several years ago someone posted a pic on here of a huge sheet of E4:1 made with 1ft. or better diameter. It was designed to keep a loose rocky slope from giving way under a heavy snow pack. I don't remember anything else other then that. Mike S.
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    macro/mega maille

    sir_osis I think you are reaching for something that is far beyond what is reasonable or attainable based on doing it on a a reasonable budget. Based on the price of today's metals and the economy I doubt hardly any company will give up any reasonable amount of scrap for free. Copper is running about $3.00 a lb. Scrap may be cheaper but the big users are not going to give up the savings they can make. I don't know the price of Al is but, I am sure no one is giving anything away in usable quantities. You should have questions about heating galvy anything. Ask Kodiac. He posted a few years ago about him welding/brazing/heating galvy and getting very sick. This is from a long, long time ago. Copper tubing 1/8" to 3/4' was soft. Most everything above was hard drawn and Stiffer then a Life Sentence. As for black pipe it is just steel pipe with a tar type coating. turning a 13" or so piece of pipe into a 4" ID circle would take a hydraulic press of multi ton capability and probability specialty dies. I just cant see it happening on a limited budget. I must admit to a preference for macro v. micro maille so I am not knocking you I just think you are over reaching on a limited budget. Mike S.
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    Some Help W/ Adhesives

    I have a huge cinder block wall across my back yard. It is painted a very boring light brown. The wall is about 50' long and 6" high. After 5 years and a bunch of talk wife and I painted part of it. The center 30' section is what we call Mexican Door Blue. The 10' sections on each end will be painted a kind of a Mustardy Yellow. What we want to do is place some Mexican tiles set at a 45 angle along the line where the two colors meet. I have no desire to mix thin set and stick them on that way. Way too much work for an old guy. My first thought was Liquid Nails but decided not enough sticking initially and the tiles would slip and slide. Not good. I am now thinking about one of the many silicon adhesives might work but I have no idea which one would have the initial stickiness. I am not locked into the silicon so any ideas or helpful suggestions will be gratefully accepted. Secondly. The blue paint I bought is Home Depots primer and paint combination. The stuff costs $32 gal. and the damn wall has already sucked up 2 gallons and needs some more. $100 for a 30 foot section of wall. So since the wall already has been painted by the builder do you think I could get by with just some regular exterior paint? For anyone who has not used the primer/paint from HD the stuff is just about as thick as pancake batter and they only recommend thinning it when spraying. Not when brushing or rolling. Maximum thinning is 8 oz. water to 1 gal. of paint. Any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions will be gratefully received. Thanks Mike S.
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    Some Help W/ Adhesives

    The product I am talking about is PL Landscaping Block Adhesive. Lowes shows it as PL 10 OZ. I most likely remembered the 10 and added it into the PL number. Since I live in the Phoenix AZ area freezing is not that much of a problem here although it does happen a couple of times a year. I am aware of the expansion from the low 40s to 110s + and contractions as the weather cools. So as I said before just a dab of PL on the corners, let the water drain through and see what happens. Thanks Mike S.
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    Some Help W/ Adhesives

  18. fng2maille

    Some Help W/ Adhesives

    Sorry for taking so long to reply to those folks who answered. Since mid Feb. my wife has had 2 Total Knee Replacement surgery's and all that entails. So I have had a lot of other things on my mind. I will post another thread about her surgerys and the things she and I went through. What some research shows is the PL adhesives seem to be the same as the Le Page sold in Canada. To get past the slipping problem I tried a small 1/2" piece of double stick tape in the center of the tile and using only that the tile has not moved for 5 days. My plan is to put the double stick tape in the center of each tile and a dab of PL 10 on each corner and see how it works. I think it will be just fine. Thanks to all who helped me out.. Mike S.
  19. No, not that kind she has become an owl junkie. There is a site that has an owl box with streaming video showing a pair of Barn Owls 24 hours a day. The site had day a time color camera and a night IR cam.The owls showed up in late Jan. moved into the box, bred, and Molly laid 6 eggs. Once the eggs were laid McGee then begin to hunt for both of them. He brought her mice, rats, gophers, and rabbits. Three of the eggs have hatched, the latest one about 4 hours ago. Lots of info about owls in general and this pair specifically. One of the best shots was when McGee came back with a mouse and Molly was out stretching her wings a bit. (Exercising) He was at a loss as what to do. At this time there are over 16,000 watchers and over the time the cameras have been streaming there have been over 2,000,000 hits. There are viewers on every continent except Antarctica. The owner of the owl box, Carlos and his wife Donna, talk about the experience and answer question from school children from across the U.S. The owls can be seen at www.ustream.tv/theowlbox. 24/7 (You must Register for the site to participate in the chat.) The Mayer of San Marcos CA came to the owl box and gave Carlos the Key to the City for Molly and McGee. What a wonderful learning experience for young and older alike. There are two chat rooms for the site. "The Social Stream" -(Wife says stay out of it) The other is Chat. Chat is well monitored and they keep the garbage out. It is suppose to be a learning experience for every one. Please be respectful if/when you post. Enjoy the owls. Mike S.
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    Tapered Full Persian

    I was wandering through pics I have on my PC today and found a pic of a tapered FP pendant in copper. It looks to be made from 4 rings in one gauge, 4 in the next smaller gauge, 4 more 1 gauge down, as the gauge decreases so does the ID. This continues for 9 sets. I am not sure if the gauge decreases for each set.but, I am sure the ID does. I have a bunch of 10 & 12 gauge copper wire and I really like the look of the drop pendant. I have no idea where I got the pic. I am asking if anyone would hazard a guess as to the gauges and sizes I might use to replicate this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  21. fng2maille

    Hands-Free Coiling

    Just a thought for what ever you think it is worth. I would suggest getting a drill with a set stop on the trigger. That way you can decide what winding speed works best for you and what ever rig you use or try out. Even a $50 new drill beats the heck out of 2 broken and 2 badly bruised fingers. I will say the same thing about trying to save a few seconds per coil. This from a pretty old guy who has lost a lot of his abilities. Mostly from old age and some from genetics. Be careful and don't hurry things along. Mike S.
  22. Congratulations to our Canadian friends on winning their first Winter Olympic Gold Metal on their home turf. I am sure there will be many more to follow now that drought has been broken. I know you are just as proud of your athletes as I am of the Amercan athletes. Mike S.
  23. fng2maille

    WOW! Cost of Car Parts

    I own a 1999 Jeep Cherokee. My daughter drove it to get gas at a station just a 1/4 mile away. She filled the tank and the car would not start. After a couple of attempts I had it towed to my favorite repair shop. The next morning I went to the shop and they knew what the problem was. A Safety Neutral Switch. A switch on the transmission that prevents starting the car when it is not in park or neutral. The service manager got on the phone to get a price on the switch. I am thinking maybe a couple of hundred for the parts and labor. YEAH RIGHT. The cost of the switch was $380. For a fricking switch. He told me the problem was I had a 4 speed auto xmssion. Had I had a 3 speed the cost would have been, are you ready for this, $13.00. He even called the dealer to ensure I had a 4 speed xmission. I did. What in the Hell is so much different between a 3 and 4 speed auto xmission to justify n additional $367 cost of a switch? Final cost $585 or so. I just paid it from the spare change I had in my Wranglers. So another day older and deeper in debt. I owe my soul to the conpany store. With apologies to Tennessee Ernie Ford. Just a vent. Mike S.
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    Ahh, UPS...

    Here, in south central Arizona, we get pretty good UPS service. A couple of days ago I heard the door bell ring and being upstairs went out on the balcony and saw the UPS truck pulling away. When I opend the front door there was a 10" X 10" box on the front porch. It was hidden behind one of the colums and a rather large Rosemary bush growing in front of the column. I have found things under the door mat and dropped over the fence to the back yard. They seem to make an effort to provide some kind of security for the packages they deliver. Yeah, we don't get a lot of rain here. <G> Damn! In the past 5 years we have lived here we have received hundreds of UPS packages. Many contain glass in different ways. From glass rods to glass sculpultures to glass beads. Only three have had any damage. Every one was because of poor packaging. Wife's family owened a moving conpany. She was co-opted when she was 13-14 yo. into packing others' items to be moved. So she knows and understands packing and packaging. So at least where I live I have no problems with UPS. Mike S.
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    Just A FUNNY

    Just a joke I read today. My Grandson was also obessed with dinosaures when he was 4yo. Dinosaurs are fascinating. My four-year-old is obsessed with them. Recently we were riding on a bus, and he asked another passenger for her name. "My name is Deena," she said, kindly talking down to him. "Can you say Deena?” "Deena," said my son. "Can you say pachycephalosaurus?" Mike S.