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  1. Sithus

    Anything in/near Ohio?

    I believe the event you are talking about is the Blackrock Medieval fest. It started up after the long running Silverleaf Faire closed down, It is 4 weekends long. You are looking at about a 274 mile 4+ hour drive. Have not been there myself as it just started, but my wife is on cast this year. http://www.blackrockfest.com/
  2. Sithus


    Like Welsh. My wife is part Welsh and when she says some, it sounds like some Elvish speak.
  3. Sithus

    Ringinator Issues and Production Questions

    Micromark sells a cooling system for the micro lathe they sell. Basically it looks like a small gas can with a pump installed that you fill up with a water soluble fluid they sell. Maybe that will give you an idea or leads. I just use an inverted bottle filled with cutting oil that flows out through fish tank airline tubing onto my blade in my setup (homemade, not a Ringinator.) http://www.micromark.com/MicroFlow-Coolant-System,8474.html
  4. Sithus

    Tumbling Scales

    I have used corn cob on the stainless scales. Works wonders for deburring any rough spots and cleaning the oil/lube from the machining off.
  5. Sithus

    stupid tumbler...

    I don't use any metal media for tumbling so that rules out a magnet, and if you are tumbling aluminum.... I have a variety of mesh baskets and metal mesh colanders for sorting rings out of corn cob and walnut. One of the nicer ones I have is actually intended for deep frying,
  6. Sithus

    creating wedding rings

    The ends are just tucked inside the ring.
  7. Sithus

    creating wedding rings

    Still have my ring from Loren's class,
  8. Sithus

    Dragonscale Armour

    Buddha's shirt in 20ga BA using 3/16 and 1/8 rings was the most impressive I have seen. I wouldn't call it armour really since it was all aluminum, but it was slick.
  9. Rice can break down in a tumbler as well and give you little stuck pieces, just not as many as walnut will. Corn cob works good on stainless, might be a bit abrasive for fine silver and black niobium.
  10. Sithus

    What pliers should I get?

    If your talking about pliers made by Lindstrom or Tronex, it's all about where they are made, Europe for Lindstrom and U.S.A. for Tronex. China or Pakistan workers are not paid as much, so cheap workers make cheap pliers. And as well the higher priced tools have a better fit and finish to them.
  11. Sithus

    Chainmail from Arnold's Conan the Barbarian?

    Since this pre-dates the Lord of the Rings movies I bet it's not PVC since I believe WETA came up with the idea. Another option for stamped rings would be lock washers, those are flat. I dug out a section of 12mm ID lock washer maille I have.
  12. Sithus

    Chainmail evening gown, front

    No pictures of it modeled then? It looks great. What are the ring sizes? I'm assuming aluminum.
  13. Sithus

    Padding for Pliers for extended work (A thread spinoff)

    Try both tape and Plasti Dip. Tape them first then give them a nice plastic coating.
  14. Sithus

    photographing maille, and lightbox info

    Cat not included.
  15. Sithus

    photographing maille, and lightbox info

    Wow, 2 year old thread back from the dead, but.... Another suggestion is to use a tripod and also the timer function if your camera has one. This way there are no shakes or anything when the picture is taken.