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  1. Darkwind

    The 'nerd' factor

    Even though this is a very old post.....I am reminded of a quote by Kurt Cobain (I think, don't quote Me on that :c) ) which goes like this:
  2. Darkwind

    Fun picture

    Ah. Not bad at all. Current US troops carry from 95 to 120 pounds into combat!I'd say that the mobility isn't an issue if your able to move and fight in it!
  3. Darkwind

    Fun picture

    Nice. Whats the weight on that sucker?
  4. Darkwind

    Sterling Ren Fest

    Not then, but I will be there on the 25th and 26th.
  5. Darkwind

    First 2 weeks Summary (image heavy)

    That byzantine bracelet looks awesome!
  6. Darkwind

    Poseidon's Embrace - titanium necklace

    I'll take your word for it since I've not done any work in Titanium yet. It just looks heavy, that's for sure. Beautiful, but heavey...
  7. Darkwind

    Poseidon's Embrace - titanium necklace

    Just how small is this piece? There is enough metal there to think it would weigh in at a pound at least.
  8. Darkwind

    Whoa...harsh senator. "AIG Execs should kill them selves."

    It was a stupid thing to say and he should lose his job because of it. Cynake is correct in that Japanese culture views this kind of thing differently and to take ones life for a failure of this scale would be the only way to 'save face'. But then, politicians have been saying stupid things for as long as America has been around and before that, it was some other country. I would be more concerned about statements like this one: Anyone comfortable with the notion that if any particular politician decided he didn't like the way you earned your income then it was acceptable for the Legislative branch of government to target you specifically? Anyone comfortable with the notion of government for revenge?
  9. Darkwind

    Poseidon's Embrace - titanium necklace

    ?? 3.7 ounces?
  10. Darkwind

    Back from Hiatus -- Many Big Pics

    The Dragonscale is awesome!
  11. Darkwind

    The Ring machine LIVES!!!! bwuhahahaha!!

    All I can say is that thing will cut one long-assed coil! I like the set up and would never have thought of using an IV bag...Now, they have these oil fillers/funnels at auto stores that are essentially a large container with a tube that hangs down to dispense whatever fluid you might wish to dispense into your car. I don't know that it would be all that hard to fit a urethane tube and step down the flow until you get a reasonable amount out the end...
  12. Darkwind

    One day at a time. The only way you ever lose is to give up. You are in My prayers.
  13. Darkwind

    Medieval weapons...

    http://stillfootball.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/mushroom-cloud.jpg Hey, it isn't gunpowder.
  14. Darkwind

    Just met the scrap metal merchant ....

    Good deal then. I think I can get some reclaimed copper on the cheap and use it to build My pieces first (sort of a trial run) before actually making the piece in the metal I want.
  15. Darkwind

    Just met the scrap metal merchant ....

    So reclaimed copper would only work for jewelry because it cannot be hardened enough for larger projects?