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  1. Phong,

    I thank you with much respect for creating and sustaining the site. It was a great help for me to get started. It wasn't the first site i found to learn weaves from, but it was the first site wich made me understand ALL the weaves you put on there. So i find it sad to hear you won't be putting up any new tuts. Still Thanks a lot for the source of knowledge you brought to us all!


  2. I would love to take on any of such a project! Just make sure u are able to handle ti, cus its very very very hard to bend it and get a good closure... now multiply that by 50k rings... you will get sore hands, so i hope ur uncle pays for the rings and get you a new car or something because if i would make and sell a ti shirt it will not be sold for less than $10,000


  3. If you want to make DS straight you can just continue at a certain width of rings for example if you want it to be 5 rings wide you make the start from one ring and add a layer until you reach five and stop adding a ring to each row! Voila and you have a straight strip of rings!

    You can also make a 1-1 string of 5 big rings connected with small rings then you place some closed big rings on top of the small rings and "lock" them in place with some big rings on top of the loose rings. They go through the small rings of the first 1-1 string! And just continue layer by layer!


  4. ok thanks for the replies all,

    i made up my mind and will go with Movak's way, its fast and simple... and when i'm gonna make a version 2.0 of the tie its gonna be dragonscale. I just don't have the time nor the rings for the weave to do it... But they both look great so i think my result will be good too!

    Just a question Movak:

    Did you join the tie-strip to the knot-strip itself from behind? Or did you attach the strip to the knot strip from the back and let the front part hang loose? If you understand my crooked line of thought...

  5. Hi all, i've got a new project. I want to make a maille tie to wear on a suit. I've got a gathering next month and i would like to wear it then. But i'm trying to find some pictures i thought i've seen here a few years back. Because i want to know if it's possible to make a tie-able one.. and what ring sizes are used..

    I have other ties so i can just use one as a template but i don't want it to be too open... and also not having a project of tens of thouzands of rings... zo im looking at 1.2 mm x 4.2 mm rings...

    If some of you still have old pictures or stats... pls post em



  6. In the 24 months that I have worked here I have completed 2 shirts, a haltertop, and countless pieces of jewelery & other geekery items..... I would say I can get 20-30 hours of chainmaille done in a work week and not have to touch the stuff while at home.

    But let me say that is about the only advantage of this job... it barely pays the bills and I work EVERY weekend.

    Hmm that's quite nice... That means you get your check for doing other work than you are paid for.. And for working weekends you are free on an other day of the week... (same here) and like peach said... if you are able to sell the things you create at work then you could supply yourself with some extra cash...


  7. I would really like to know what kind of job you have and were i can get one myself:P

    At my current job i am not allowed to do anything else except my job although there aren't many customers these days... (i work at an outdoorshop)


  8. Watch Robin Hood, with Erol Flynn. You'll notice that the background extras are wearing real maille, whereas the principle actors, Erol Flynn & Basil Rathbone wear maille that's made from knitted yarn and has been painted to look like maille.

    You ought to think that it would be the other way round?...

    they spend a lot of money on films... and then they do this stuff... just spend a bit more... and ask me to make that stuff... makes me a happy camper too...


    Ps. I know its not the new one you talking bout but still...

  9. Hmm I pronounce the word maille as "may-ya" like the french do... But i'm really close to them being dutch and all...

    Now i've been thinking about it... And i think we pronounce it like "mah-ye" like: Mah - when you are calling your mother and ye like "Love YA"...

    And the french dictionary translates Maille as:

    - stitch (knitting)

    - little coin of 1/2 a penning (british history)


    French English Dutch

    Cotte de mailles - Chainmail armor - Maliënkolder

    Avoir maille à partir - picking a fight, making a statement - een appeltje te schillen hebben, ruzie maken

    I also used the dutch translations to make it clear to people who speak dutch (Duhh)

    So... i think the correct way to pronounce it is may-ya or mah-ye. And don't say chainmail anymore because it lets people think we are spammers...


  10. This morning i was in a hurry to get to my job. As it was 8:45 A.M. and i had to be in by 9. So i drive out from my personal parking space and as soon i am aproaching the main street i look left and right... On the right side a black car was about 2 blocks away (about 50 metres away) so i reasoned i had enough space and time to turn on the main street and pass the black car, because its a 30 km zone. As soon i was turning and watching left for on comming traffic (wich wasnt there) i turned my head to the right and in a flash i saw the black car in front of me wich i rammed. And because i was going out of a exit street it's legally my fault. But my car was totalled and the car wich i hit had some minor damage (supporting arm for the left front wheel was bent so that'll be a few thousand Euro's). Well the whole wheel has bent back...

    So i'm legally screwed and have to travel with public transport to my work every day for 1,5 hour to and from work.

    Going to have some trouble with my insurance agency because last week a year ago i flipped a car. (that's another story and couldn't do anything about that).

    So i'm bummed out and have to go save up for a new car. As he hitted me harder than i hit him... My car is financially totalled. His only bruised up... ARGH


  11. I'm proud to present my first commisioned work for a friend:


    It's also the first time i did a oriental weave and im proud of it, the pendant is bought at a fair.

    And i also would show you my second commisioned work but the pic is not that good sorry bout that!


    Please leave comments,