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  1. EC really sucks... Customer came back today with a bracelet of wich the color was totally worn off...

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    2. twilightbanana


      Never heeard of that happening either. I'd ask the customer how they were treating that bracelet so you can warn them and others not to do that to it.

    3. Nefesh


      She is an swimming teacher in a local swimmingpool. She said she loved the piece so much she wears it all day, and it affected only the light blue part of the ring. So i think the chlorine or other chemicals in the pool wore it off... or else it has to be the daily use of it. it isn't the first time it happend to me by the way, i had an 4-1 ec ring on my vinger wich wore of in a few months.

    4. twilightbanana


      I think it is safe to say that most coloured rings are not up to daily wear. One customer of mine wore the colour off of his AA bracelet within a year...by wearing it day-in day-out, jogging, sweating and showering.

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