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Found 1 result

  1. The majority of projects I see only utilize one pattern. There is nothing wrong with this. I find many patterns beautiful or I wouldn't be enjoying working with and looking at other mail! What bugs me, however, is how alot of the projects seem only partly finished because of this. (I am being vogue here, certain patterns and pieces don't need anything more to look elegant or complete!) I don't mean to be treading on toes here, I'm an amateur myself, I'm just saying what I see and think here. I think a lot of those projects would seem more complete and professional with another element. And this, Ladies and Gents, is what I would like to discuss. Anything to do with combining patterns to create borders or other parts of interest in a completed piece. In my opinion I don't see this done enough, but when I do its usually a piece that catches my eye, something that stands out above the rest because of that. So lets discuss your experiences with combinations you've experimented with and enjoy! Share some pictures. Talk ideas. Right now, I'm thinking of experimenting with my leftover rings for a bracelet/bracer (depending how many I have >_<) that alternates 4-1 or 6-1 euro with strips of Japanese hex, and border the edges with.. I'm not sure, I've never done persian before and think this might be a good one to try (but what variant?). What pattern do you think would make a striking/classy border for euro or japanese (depending what it ends in)?