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Found 5 results

  1. The topic title contains the gist of it. I'd love it if TRL would stock lower-AR AA rings in 18ga for use in the Jen's Pind Linkage weave. I know you have that size in other metals, but none have the color choices of anodized aluminum. There's also the 20ga AA rings, but I find 20ga is a tad too thin for many uses. Thanks so much to Bernice and Jon for making TRL such a wonderful place to buy from.
  2. Zeroignite

    minimal pride barrels

    Simple short earrings made using the barrels weave in 18ga 5/32 anodized aluminum.

    © creative commons non-commercial share-alike

  3. Zeroignite

    010 wintersky GSG

    GSG bracelet made in sky blue and white 18ga 1/4 anodized aluminum.

    © creative commons non-commercial share-alike

  4. AlchemistsFire

    A little market research

    Hey guys, I'm about to embark on a little earring-making project. I'm basing my desing on something Waluy posted a few months back, a pair of earrings that were a 5-box length of boxchain with some hearts pendants hanging off the end. I want to do something similar, but with AA and guitar picks. What I'm trying to find out is what colour combinations (both colours of AA and guitar picks) you guys think would sell. Part of the reason is I'm still trying to decide what colours of guitar picks to order. I'm thinking: - black & red boxchain with black or red picks - black & purple boxchain with black or purple picks - black & pink boxchain with black or pink picks - black & orange boxchain with black or orange picks - black boxchain with black picks - red boxchain with red or blackpicks - pink boxchain with pink picks - purple boxchain with purple or black picks Do you think black/yellow, black/green or black/blue would be worth making just to see how they look/how they sell? I have gold and bronze rings too, would those be worth making? And with what colour picks? Is this a good first start, or would something else be better? Any suggestions/opinions are welcome ^^
  5. Hi! I was wondering if there were any plans to make silvered AA for aluminum scales and 14ga rings? I really really love the silvered AA, and I wish scales came in it, and that rings bigger than 16ga had silvered colors too... (Yes, I know that there are silvered rings for 14ga 15/16", but I'd like to work with bigger 14ga rings like 7/16"...) Anyway, I would like to know so I can either get the non-silvered stuff for some projects I want to do, or hold out for silvered. Thanks!