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Found 2 results

  1. I'll preface this by saying the pictures are HUGE. But they should help with making opposite leaning HP3-1 for the owls. Step 1: Note red ring is on top, so left ring over right ring. Step 2: Add an open ring thru the eye of the first 2 rings. Add a closed ring to the open ring, close ring. Step 3: Showing closed ring from step 2. Note the rings are stacking (being added) underneath each other. Step 4: Add an open ring through the eye formed from the previous 2 horizontal rings. Add a closed ring to the open ring, close ring. Step 5: Showing closed ring. Note that the closed ring (red ring on the right end) is stacked underneath the last horizontal ring. Step 6: Keep adding an open ring/closed ring through the eye formed by the previous 2 horizontal rings. In this lean (left over right) the rings will always be stacked underneath. Now for the other direction: Step 1: To make opposite leaning: Note red ring is on bottom, so right ring over left ring. Step 2: Same steps as above (open ring through eye formed by previous 2 horizontal rings, add closed ring). NOTE that the rings are stacking UP (above each other) instead of down, as in the examples of the other lean). Step 3: Continue adding open ring/closed ring, making sure that you are positioning the end rings UP (above the previous horizontal ring). You can see that the end red ring on the right side needs to be positioned above the previous red horizontal ring before placing the next open ring. Step 4: Finished piece of HP3-1 with rings stacking UP. Comparison: Showing directional (lean) differences.
  2. TRL Customer Service

    20140814 094242(2)

    Note red ring is on top, so left ring over right ring.