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Found 2 results

  1. twilightbanana

    Wrapped labradorite

    A polished piece of labradorite wrapped in a combination of J4-1 and J 6-1. Materials: Black Ice aluminium 1,2x4,2 mm (18 ga. 5/32") and synthetic rubber 1,0x2,8 mm (19 ga. 7/64").
  2. Silver Phoenix

    Quick question on AA strength...

    I just have a, hopefully, quick question for the experienced maillers out there... Back story: Years ago I made a bikini top out of bright aluminium (just bought from a hardware store I think, not TRL) and I was very disappointed by the lack of strength of the piece. The rings, I think, were around 20 ga/22ga, 1/8"id. The euro 4in1 I made the top with is nice and open and looks great but the strength just isn't there, it can't be worn. The fit is form fitting enough that just the weight of a breast put too much stress on the straps and they started to pull apart. Now, it could be the way I designed the bra, which is totally possible... Maybe a different, more conventional design would have supported more evenly and held up better? Maybe I just got weak wire and theres a harder temper available? I'm not sure... A strip 11 rings wide (just over an inch) is weak enough I can pull it apart. Is this normal? Question: I want to make another bikini top/baby doll with TRL's anodized aluminum so I can work some color inlays into the piece. My problem is that I really like the weave 20ga 1/8id rings make, I'm just concerned that the weave will be too weak to stand up to normal wearing, based on my past experience with aluminium. TRL says their rings are made with a hard temper aluminum, but how hard is it? Will a euro 4in1 with these rings be strong enough to make a top out of? Has anyone worked rings this small into a bra, everything I see is much larger guages... I guess that's a few questions, but any response would be greatly appreciated. If anyone wants to see the piece I made years ago I can post it in the BRG, just let me know. Thanks in advance! -=Phoenix