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Found 3 results

  1. L-Bo

    IMG 20120125 133252

  2. L-Bo

    IMG 20120227 181422

    I call this Christmas lights.
  3. So, TRL is in the lengthy process of converting to a new anodizing system that uses coils and leaves us with silver ends to hide on our "less than perfect" closures... The beautiful trade-off for this is that the colors are much richer, they seem to last longer, and they absolutely *shimmer* with shiny glimmer. The only major problem that's affecting me is that they can't seem to decide on colors. :/ So until things finally "settle down", I have to figure out if I've got "old blue", "old turquoise", "new blue (which is close to turquoise)", "new royal blue (which is a shiny better version of old blue)", or "new sky blue (which seems to be a pale pastel blue)". This is frustrating the crap outta me. I need about 500-1000 16g 1/4" AA rings in the "New Blue" that looks close to shiny Turquoise, of some plain old fashioned Turquoise in that size. I have not ordered Sky blue. Is it as light as in the picture or is it more Turquoise? The Royal Blue is lovely, but WAY too dark for my current project. The "New Blue" was perfect, but I don't have enough and I can't order more in this size. So... Sky blue and tell the customer to deal with it, or does TRL or someone else have a suggestion? Suggestion for TRL: Sort out your new anodizing process (which is nifty), and fire sale the leftover stock so we can all start working with your new hotness instead of the old and busted for half our rings until someone buys that last bag of Orange Saw Cut 16g 5/16"... PS: I've also noticed some disturbing color variation in green as well. As in, within my last order order, 16g 1/4" "Green" and 16 5/16" "Green", which are both the new process, do NOT match up when placed side by side. The attached pictures don't really do it justice, but there is a noticeable difference. -Merrick