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Found 2 results

  1. Zeroignite

    Chainmailler demographics

    I've been wondering for a while what the age/gender spread is here on TRL forums. Hence, poll! Even if you don't post a reply, poll answers are greatly appreciated. EDIT: if you can't read the poll, either highlight the options or change your board theme to the light one. The dark has so much unreadable text scattered around :/
  2. I'd like the point of this topic to be focused on fashion with chainmail. I don't mind if it goes general, thats still interesting, but right now I'd like to discuss alternative fashion. To be more particular about what I am thinking... I've looked through alot of galleries (and this is a trend with most fashion in general), and women seem to get (most) of the fun. Guys want to look tough, if they want to wear chain mail, they're usually in typical looking shirts, rarely fun colored, and masculine jewelry. For example, you don't see many men wear corsets at all, and I've yet to see one in chainmail. Now, with fantasy inpsired craft we get to see guys have a little more creative fun (IE an Elvish costume might allow a man to wear some things that typically are considered more feminine), but I generally see that as an (sad) exception. So where I'm going with this... Bluntly, I think up alot of ideas for chainmail fashion, but most of the things I think of are things that would look fine on the female sex, but not male (or would be stretching the boundries). I'm just an ametuer right now but down the road I'd like to make things for people to wear. My problem is I want to be able to make things I myself would enjoy wearing, and I don't want to make "typical" things that are unquestionably safe in the gender comfort zone. Women get so much creative freedom in certain ways, they can wear things between the lengths of a short top to a full length dress, and all that area in between gives so many possibilties for design. Men are mostly stuck just a shirt and pants. Any extra or odd shaped material would look "silly". Theres kilts, but unless your built like a cable tosser or strolling around at a Cetlic fest, your going to get mostly confused looks anywere else (come to think of it I've never seen a chainmail kilt!). And then theres certain gender associated colors.. patterns, etc.. I could get off track here in a discussion of gender and society... Anyhow.. for one, I'd eventually like to design a chainmail corset (sort of a dream project when I get better at making, among many other things) that I wouldn't look ridiculous in (at worst, the idea might de-evolve into a sort of fantasy sash or simply a belt). If anyone has expertise with this sort of thing I'd love to talk with you. I just wanted to get this unstuck out of my head, share it, and bounce ideas around. =) Oh and I haven't introduced myself yet, I'm Caleb! If anyone has any pictures of great alternative fashion that could inspire chainmail projects, and pictures of alternative chainmale for guys (this could also mean a piece thats intended for a female wearer, but could be a great piece modified for a guy), please share! But by all means don't feel limited to those things, feel free to discuss anything relevant here! Edit: Thinking on it.. a chainmail battle kilt would be incredibley awesome!! I've always wanted a kilt, but this way I could actualy make one. If anyone would have any advice on adapting a kilt to mail I'd love to hear it. I'm also wondering if there is a way to replicate the look of the pleates in mail.