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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, so I just finished up making a bare niobium JPL3 bracelet in 14g AWG wire. The feel is remarkable, has a very similar weight to steel and has an almost silky feeling surface much like sterling silver does. This brings me to my main problem, I want to do a necklace in one, in 8g AWG. Problem is I have only found two vendors online so far, Metalliferous and Reactive Metals. Ordinarily this would be fine but at their current niobium pricing I could do this necklace in sterling cheaper! Is there anyone that knows of a supplier for this size other than those two? I would ask TRL but having presented the question to Jon I do not believe they are inclined to carry above 12g AWG. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Zeroignite

    003 black Nb Jpl

    First go at learning Jens Pind Linkage. Turns out it's actually a really easy weave! The blackened niobium is pleasantly heavy compared to AA, and is apparently incredibly scratch-resistant. Expensive, but I do recommend.

    © Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike

  3. Hello, first I'd like to say I shot out a few searches to answer this on my own. I learned a lot about niobium but not what I needed. (long description ahead, skip to third paragraph for the actual question) You see, I am getting married and as any mailler might suspect that means I jumped all over making all the jewelry except the actual wedding bands. Including matching necklaces for both mothers. Well, naturally using just precious metals would kill me in price. (9 necklaces I think) and I don't anticipate enough sales to counter the cost. So naturally I am planning on mixing silver with another metal. Niobium is said to look good next to silver, I've heard good and bad things on the metal but for this piece it'd be nice. It wont be in a weave but rather an intricate wire work piece so I am using the wire instead of the rings (mixed with beads of wedding color. this will allow me to reduce the metal density and thus cost without sacrificing beauty or elegance. Yes I use a similar method in selling since it allows cheaper prices and higher profits) This is where my issue comes in Anodized materials, specifically aluminum, have harmed me in the past on final pieces with spots from my pliers (problem for another day) and for this piece I will be work hardening by hitting the finished segments with a hammer on a steel jewelry anvil. Will this inevitably damage the anodized coat? or is there methods I can use to reduce the risk of damaging it? (wrapping the piece in cloth to keep metal from hitting metal) As always thanks well in advanced. It's always nice to have an active forum of seasoned addicts like me to help guide my hand as I expand my knowledge. (As I try to relay my learned knowledge to others also) ~Anthony
  4. Zivig

    Help with niobium

    Hello everyone. I could use some advice from anyone who has worked with TRL anodized niobium. I'm currently planning a bracelet for my girlfriend and having a difficult time choosing the proper colors. Basically, I'm shooting for a sort of forest/autumn mix. The colors I have in mind are as follows: 40% green, 20% rose gold, 20% brown, and 20% bronze. I've never worked with niobium before, so I really have no idea how this will turn out. Any help will be greatly appreciated.