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Found 3 results

  1. AlchemistsFire

    Nylon Plyer Question

    So, I have two pairs of nylon pliers that've been super-useful for working with TRL's 16g 1/4" and 5/16" AA rings. But, I just received an order of the 18g 3/16" AA, and the pliers I have just won't grab the rings in tight spaces, like Byzantine. I looked at the nylon pliers that TRL offers, and they're actually 4mm thicker than the ones I have! SO, my question is: Has anyone ever seen anything even close to "needle nose" nylon pliers?
  2. Gremlin

    Best pliers I've used

    I recently ordered (and received) a couple Modified Knipex 2001160 (KX200-MOD). I've been using them for a couple days now and must say they are excellent. I have small hands and was concerned about the size of the pliers. After corresponding with Bernice about having a smaller set modified for me I decided to go with the ones they have in stock already modified. Best decision regarding pliers I've made. These things just flat out work making 16ga & 14ga stainless steel rings as easy to work with as 18 ga BA. Thank you Bernice for the info and thank you TRL for offering these pliers already modified.
  3. I need some help finding some Bent nose Ergonomic pliers to buy! I have some 4" bent nose with just the thin rubbery plastic handles and no spring back, and my hands have had enough. I have some comming from TRL but they have teeth, and they will only be for stainless. I need some that have no teeth for my BA and AA. I think $30 for each pair is my cap for what I will pay. Thank you for your time and help! ~Colt