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Jon Daniels

Making a chainmail glove

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Making functional gloves is very difficult. The main difficulty is that chainmail does not normally stretch. This means that in order to be able to bend your fingers you need to make the glove baggy. To make a functional glove you need chainmail that is thin, strong and flexible. The best way to achieve this is to use machine made welded chainmail fabric... or better yet buy a stainless butchers glove.

Here are options for getting a chainmail glove that allows you to move your hand:
1. Buy a butcher's glove. They are often available on eBay. I happen to have a stock of chainmail gloves in various sizes - price is around $50 each - contact for details.

2. Consider sewing pieces of chainmail to the back of a cloth or leather glove. The really hard part about making a glove is making it such that you can bend your fingers. If you sew strips of chainmail down the back of each finger you neatly sidestep this issue. Our welded stainless strap would work for this:

3. Use metal and  rubber rings for gloves I recommend our 18G 3/16" size. The rubber will allow you to make a nice looking fitting glove that still lets you flex your fingers. You can use any 18G 3/16" solid rings we sell - they rubber rings will be the weak link so pick the color of metal ring you want.

4. Should you still want a handmade, non welded solid metal glove... use a strong material - titanium or stainless. Use small rings - I'd recommend 20G. 20G 5/32" will give better flexibility but be weaker, 20G 1/8" is a better strength but you will need to make the glove bigger in order to be able to flex your fingers.


MailleTec.com makes gloves for high heat applications. http://www.mailletec.com/Gloves

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