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Jon Daniels

How to buy Custom sized Saw Cut rings

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The Ring Lord can make any custom jumpring.

This discussion will focus on details for custom Saw Cut jumprings made from in stock wire.
Before you decide you need a custom ring please make sure you are using the same measurement system as us. Confirm your ring sizes against ours using decimal inches or mm - not using gauge. For more help with this try our Ring Size Help Grid.

What sizes are available
TRL has 146 mandrel sizes under 1/2". This allows us to easily make small orders of custom saw cut rings. If you have an AR you need us to hit we can do it - but we do have tolerance limitations - see below. If you want metric sizes - no problem.

Any sizes over 0.5" may need custom tooling charges.

Note the following Size limitations - we can handcut some smaller and all larger rings outside these ranges.
Min and Max ID by wire guage
24g - min ID 1/16"; max Id 9/64"
22g - min ID 5/64"; max ID 11/64"
21g - min ID 5/64"; max ID 3/16"
20g - min ID 5/64"; max ID 7/32"
19g - min ID 3/32"; max ID 11/32"
18g - min ID 3/32"; max ID 25/64"
17g - min ID 1/8"; max ID 7/16"
16g - min ID 9/64"; max ID 1/2"
14g - min ID 5/32"; max ID 3/4"
12g - min ID 3/16"; max ID 1"

Size Tolerance
If you want an AR of 3.5 and our site only lists say 3.0 and 3.8 we can get you closer to 3.5. We can't however guarantee and AR of 3.5000 or an ID of 5.857mm.
Remember there is always material removed from the saw cut ring when they are being cut that will cause the rings to be slightly oval when closed.
Our tolerance is really good - but not nuclear reactor perfect good - that costs extra :)
Our tolerance in general for rings under 3/8" is +-0.005".
Measuring the rings accurately is actually very difficult - we measure before they are cut with a precise micrometer. If you compare using your 1980's wooden yard stick - sorry our number is right.

- returns are only accepted if the size is incorrect by our measurements - otherwise all custom items are not returnable.

Custom ring costs
- There is a $40 order per line item.
- There is also a 3 ounce minimum per size - so its 3 ounces or $40 whichever is more money.
- You pay the list price for the closest stock ring size moving to the smaller stock size - if there is no smaller ring or no stock rings in the wire we are using we'll make up a price that is in line with our list prices.
- Standard discounts apply to common custom saw cut items that you can order through our website. For all others no discounts apply. 

Custom tooling costs
If none of the 150 sizes of mandrels will make your ring we offer one of the 2 following custom tooling options:
1. We make you a custom mandrel. We calculate the rod size based on the spring back of the material then machine an aluminum rod in the exact size needed. - price - one time set up fee of $25 per rod. The rod can be keep for future small orders that would not have to pay this fee again.
2. Setting up a coiling machine to make your ring size. We make coils exactly the size you need with our computer controlled rings/coil making machinery. Any ring ID more then 3 times the wire diameter is possible. $20 per set up waived for $100 or more worth of base metal rings in the same size.

Lead times (typical not guaranteed) :
- Using one of our 150 in stock mandrels - 3-5 days
- Rings with a custom mandrel - 3-7 days
- Rings made from machine coiled wire 5-10 days

How to order custom rings

Some common saw cut custom rings we have entered them on our site to make buying them easier for you. You can see them all here


If the item is not on that page, send a request for quote for custom items using this link. Please be as specific as possible. We need to know what material, what size and how much you need.

Edited by Bernice Daniels
Policy updated and tolerances added.

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