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Mis-stamped Scale

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What do you do when you find a scale with the hole almost in the center of it? I make it into a pendant of a necklace.


Now this is not a dig at TRL's quality. I've gotten one truely bad scale out of the ones I've bought. I just wanted to show off what I did with one that was a bit off.

The chain is bias e4in1 in 18ga 3/16" the same size rings that you use for the small scales. It just seemed appropriate to use that size.

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as I was working on a piece of armor in Black scales I seem to have a few dozen or so that have these perfectly round little ..umm I will call them dents since they are noticeable if you look really close or run your finger over the scale but not enough for me not to use them, besides I found a bunch or punched rings in some of the bags with them so I am not complaining.

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