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Newer Chainmailler Looking For Advice

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First I wanted to show off my latest creations.

The cubes are all 18g 3/16". I wanted to know if anyone has any idea why the large one is so solid, while the red and green ones have some flop to them, and the purple one is really floppy in comparison.

I know the 'hodo' instructions called for double connector rings not triple but when I wore my first version I had several of the connectors pop out after extended wear but I have yet for a triple to do so.

I also wanted to try the 'captive caterpillar' and 'captive inverted ring-mail' and wanted to know if anyone had ideas for good ring sizes to use for either?

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The anodized rings tend to have a slightly larger AR due to being thinner. Something about the new anodization process causes this. It's a very small difference, but in something like a cube, it can be enough to change the structure from rigid to floppy.

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Thank you both.

It's not too floppy and people seem to like playing with it more with some flop to it anyway I was just curious when my attempt to figure out AR's showed they were all the same. I wasn't sure it wasn't my own ineptitude when making my first rigid weave.

And those AR's are for the inverted round weave not the captive right?

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