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Paperclip Squirrel mail

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Since I don't want Dice Bag Maker's head to go 'splodey, here are some pictures from my experiment with paperclip rings. And a brave stuffed animal.






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I used a vise grip to hold a screwdriver and the end of a large paperclip. I then used pliers to straighten the rest of the paperclip. Then I used the slip-joint pliers to hold the paperclip near the screwdriver shaft, and spun the vise grip around. Sometimes had to use the pliers to push the paperclip together, to get a better coil. Cutting the rings off took forever, at first. Mostly, I realized, because the cutters I was using were old, and dull. Once I broke them, I got a new set of cutters, and things went much more quickly after that.

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Very fun, and very done. Can't really do any more, since he's starting to collapse under his own weight. I'm happy with how it turned out, though. :)

Now I can move onto the TRL shipment I got on Thursday!




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