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Can you tessellate Reverse Tao Flower?

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And maybe that's the incorrect word, tessellate, but you get the idea of what I want to do. :D

I really think you should be able to...maybe I just haven't found the right AR. I usually make the flowers out of 16g 3/8" AA.

I have a great idea for a necklace, but the actual making of the tessellated flowers is escaping me.

Any ideas?

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A tesselation of a standard 6 sided reverse Tao Flower would produce a honeycomb like structure, is that your intent?

That's fine. I'm just more wondering if it can be done (which I'm sure the answer is yes), and how. It seems that I'll have to figure out how to build the flowers differently than I currently do, though, and perhaps change the AR to something a tad larger.

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