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Inlays: After the Work is Done

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Shortly after the holidays, I put in a huge order of rings with several projects in mind. However, the dragonscale combination, as one member of this forum warned me in chat one night (sadly, just after the rings shipped), was far too tight. So, I had to put off my attempt at completing a dragonscale piece once more, but realized the rings I ordered were the right colors to make a US flag inlay. I'm almost done with it and I hope to sell it to offset my mistake and get new rings to try again.


However, as a sheet of E4-1 is wont to do, when I hold it up by the corners, the middle sags. It got me thinking I haven't seen any (or if I have, I haven't noticed) inlay pics showing the inlay held up or displayed in any way. It's usually a top-down shot of it laying on the table or the floor. So, what I'm wondering is, how do you all display your inlays? The two ways I was thinking of is running either string/rope/twine of some sort through the top row, or possibly a thin metal or wood dowel. The string idea doesn't seem to quite solve the center-sag issue, though. The dowel seems better. And what about the bottom of the inlay? Should I figure out a way to put something to stabilize there, too?

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The way you describe the sag makes me think you are hanging the Euro 4-1 the wrong way. It is "hanging closed"

If you turn it 90 degrees it should "hang open" and the sides will stay straight.

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