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Bernice Daniels

Bright Silver AA vs Bright Aluminum

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Bright Silver Anodized Aluminum is a "color" of our saw cut anodized aluminum product line. These rings are the holy grail of chainmail rings.
They are 100% clean and super shiny silver color. 
If you want the best base metal shiny silver color you can get - these are the rings.
These rings are shinier than bright aluminum and will stay that way because they are sealed with the clear anodized layer. They have no black rub off. 
They are made starting with the bright aluminum and making the shiniest rings possible and then sealing them with the clear anodized layer. 
You don't need to fuss around with any tumbling and shining with these rings. You don't need to worry about the silver layer rubbing off like a plated ring or tarnishing like a sterling ring.

If you tumble bright aluminum - consider the cost and time of this process and I think you will find these Bright Silver AA rings to be a better choice. 

The only limitation right now is the number of sizes available - which we are working on improving. 
These rings were introduced in the fall of 2012 and are far superior the other base metal options.
You can find them here
Bright Aluminum
is a metal that maillers have been using for several years. It ~was~ the best option for silver colored rings that are base metal. It is now 2nd best.
Bright aluminum is light, inexpensive and clean for aluminum. Rub-off is always an issue with any uncoated aluminum. Our bright aluminum is diamond drawn to give the cleanest and brightest possible finish - but its still subject to small amounts of grey ruboff. This material can vary in shine as well.

If you are experiencing rub off, the first thing you should try is to wash the rings in hot soapy water like dishes. Most rub off is drawing or cutting lube and can be washed off. Do be gentle with the soap however - aluminum will etch if the soap is acidic or basic. A test is the best way to determine if you soap is ok. 

If you are having trouble with your bright aluminum not being as shiny as you would like - first of all consider the Bright Silver Anodized in future - then consider tumbling. The best way to get bright aluminum as shiny as you like is to tumble them with walnut shell or rice. Crushed walnut shell can be bought as bird bedding at pet stores. You dry tumble for as long as you like - hours or days. Then you wash them in hot soapy water.

Bright aluminum is a good choice when you are not overly concerned about having the shiniest and the cleanest maille. It is still quite shiny and is still clean in comparison to other base metals! With the introduction of the Bright Silver AA though - it is not now the best - its the 2nd best.

If a small amount of rub off is ok - then bright aluminum is fine. If you don't mind the metal not being almost mirror finish shiny - then bright aluminum is ok. If you enjoy tumbling your rings to reach your chosen level of perfect shine - then bright aluminum is ok. 

If you need to choose bright aluminum due to size constraints I recommend saw cut for any jewelry projects. Machine cut is great for larger projects like clothing and curtains. 



Both Bright Aluminum and Bright Silver AA are used as a silver color option that is not sterling or stainless. The following image shows most silver metal options side by side for comparison. 

For reference stainless has a grey undertone and is not considered a "silver" color alternative.





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