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Split Rings for Scalemail

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I noticed something with my split rings, and I was wondering if anyone else is getting the same problem. (Other than my local friend.)

I'm finding an increasing number of unusable split rings in my orders. The large ones are about 1 crappy ring per 20-30 rings, but the small ones are almost 1-1 for good vs crappy.

It's mildly frustrating as I have to end up getting twice as many rings as I need, when not long ago I wouldn't have to do so. It can get kind of expensive...


Anyone else seeing this, too?

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not sure if i am being picky or what.


I have found with the last large batch of small ss split rings i am tossing more then half asside as bad.
the rings tend to be stretched open as shipped.

early orders were mostly tight and would get the occasional ring that was only 1 turn or was not flat.

something seems to have changed. the "bad" rings even look different. shine is not the same.

has anyone else noticed this or am i just benig picky about the rings i use?

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I've never used the small split rings so I don't have a point of comparison, but that many bad ones certainly doesn't seem right... TRL has good customer service, I would suggest e-mailing them with the problem and some pictures of the rings, they should be able to get something sorted out with you.

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I merged these 2 topics together to help with getting more info for you. Fenix can you please reply letting us know what you mean by "crappy".

I'll check stock and discuss with manufacturing as soon as this is clarified. 

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When I mean 'crappy', I mean that they're either stretched quite a bit, or not a complete ring and can't be used.


I took some photos to show you what I mean:

Small rings: 




Large rings: 




"Good" Rings, for comparison. (Small, and large)


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I'll throw some feedback in here since I found the thread :)


I use entirely small scales and small split rings and while I don't think I'm rejecting duds on a 1-1 rate, I HAVE noticed a big increase in duds.  They also seem to come in two types.


One type I have been calling split springs.  They aren't tight and more often than not I am unable to tweak them to tighten them up.

The other type seems to malform far too easily as it us worked into the sheet.  It's like the temper is off or something.  These rings I have noticed have a different, duller color tone to them.


I didn't really want to be a squeaky wheel, so I was waiting to see if things improved before I said anything, but since it's already been brought up. . . ;)

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