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Hi, another person new to this forum..

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Greetings all, my name is Katrina, and I run a small home business called Kittensoft Chainmail.


I have been knitting for at least 15 yrs.  I am completely self taught, although as the web has grown I have learned new patterns from various pages like http://www.mailleartisans.org


I make and sell my products on Etsy, and I have 2 gaming stores here in Portland that carry my dice bags.


I am a 1 person operation, so my produtions rate are a bit slow, but on a good day i can close 1000 without sacrificing quality.


My main sellers are dice bags and jewelry, altough I also do cutom work, have made repairs to antique chainmail purses and contemporary chianmaille items.  I also do custom cotuming work like a chainmaille bikini set for a local burlesque dancer.


I will be post pics of some of my work to the gallery, so others can see it and maybe make suggestions if you see a way i can improve my work.


Here is a picture of what I consider my masterpeice, a chainmaille tailcoat and skirt set that i made about 9 years ago, and still wear to convetions and Burning Man event here in the Pacific NW.



The tailcoat is made from 36,864 stainless steel rings and about 100 3/16" I.D. brass rings for attaching the leather collar and cuffs. The buttons are gold tone and go through working button holes, and the sleeve is semi-fitted.

The skirt is made from 14782 aluminum rings, and 3890 stainless rings. The stainless rings are woven European 6in1 for a sturdy waistband. The aluminum is woven in 8 panels of hexagonal expansion (like you'd do for the top of a coif), to give the skirt a slight over-gore for a very nice swing and twirl when moving.


This outfit took me a little over 2 month to make, 2 weeks of which I spent re-working the armpit until I was able to get full range of motion with little to no sag.


That's just a little bit about me, and Hi to all of my fellow knitters!


Katrina Wolffe


Kittensoft Chainmail



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This is pretty much awesome.


I just started, and I am making a loin cloth, but it is fairly basic.  I hope to do something on this level soon!  Maybe a scale shirt or something like that.

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