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Tracking inflow and outflow of inventory

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My wife and I decided last night to inventory my supplies so I can be more efficient in ordering new shipments.  We ended up weighing all the rings and cross referencing the ring count to weight from The Ring Lord's product listings.  Now that I know how many rings I have roughly, I need to keep it up to date whenever I make something; I do not want to have to re-weigh everything every few months.


So my question is: Does anyone have an efficient system to keep track of his or her inventory in a semi-real-time fashion?


Thank you for any help you may render.

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I use excell and repackage material into smaller zip bags for premade rings sorted by size, material, and color into boxes.

A counting scale is on my shopping list to help improve data.

I try and invintory a portion of my phsycial stock every month, it breaks it into a smaller project that doing a total inventory. Items that remain instorage for to long without use get marked down or put up on eBay at a low price just to keep clutter down.

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