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Business case.

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Hi all,


My fiance owns two parrots. Hideous animals that chew on everything (ate the plastic from my wubbers).


Parrots are very sensitive to metal poisoning and like to bite on necklaces usually cutting them off. Trust me, a macaw has a pair of knipex cobolt cutters attached to their head. 


Anyway ... i made a JPL3 in grade 1 titanium from 2mm wire for my fiance. It has become very popular so i have received tons of orders for "parrot chains". I even received orders to build clasps and rings for the parrot harnesses since they destroy the original clasps almost in one go if they start chewing on them. I'm sure there are other areas not discovered yet by me. Titanium wire transport cage perhaps :)


Here in Sweden the market is not that big but as far as i know in the New World there are tons of parrots. Look around in parrot forums. I'm sure you will be able to convince them.


JPL is my favourite since it is easy to build and very sturdy chain. Made a 3 connector byzantine from 1.6mm grade 1 for me around 65 cm long. The parrots use it as a rope to go from one shoulder to the other :)




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