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On 9-27-2012 I placed an order for stainless steel clasp and ear post. On 9-30-2012 I received an e-mail stating the package was shipped.

And the package should take about two weeks. On 10-7-2012 is one week, 10-14-2012 is two weeks. today is 10-22-2012 still no package.

within 8 more days it would be a month.  Also the package is not traceable, I am discussed it with this company The Ring Lord I WILL NEVER EVER ORDER ANY THING FROM YOU AGAIN IN LIFE.

I ordered the same thing from another company and receive my package within 3 days.



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Shirley - we've been discussing your order via email but I'll post the information here as well. 
Typically a envelope order takes about 10 business days in transit. Today is the 15th business day. We do list the estimated tiem on our site as 7-14 business days. So we are just 1 day over this. 
There was a holiday day here during that time frame and this can aslo cause postal service delays. 

The problem however is likely that the address you gave us for shipping was not complete and correct. You gave your City as "phila" instead of "philadelphia"


We ship to the address exactly as given to us. At this time it is our best guess that this address issue is causing the delay.

The parcel will either be sorted out by the USPS and be delivered or it will be shipped back to us at which time we'll contact you. 

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Shirley, I am sorry you have been upset by this transaction. Sometimes poop happens.


In my dealings with them I have found The Ring Lord to do anything within reason to make things right. By the way, I am just a small customer but I have had repeatedly good dealings with this company (including correcting a shipping error) and wanted to let you know you are dealing with caring people and not a monstrous conglomerate.


I do hope things get better for you.



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