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Been away playing with my new hobby for a bit.

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So I have been away for a few months working on my newest hobby, THE MOST EXPENSIVE WAY TO MAKE SAWDUST (a.k.a. Pen turning). Started back making my chainmail the last few days and figured I would show off some of my other hobby as well. 


From left to right they are 50 cal. bullet pen (made from a once fired 50 cal round), corkscrew/bottle stopper (the stopper unscrews to reveal the corkscrew), 30 cal bolt action pen, Stylus/pen combo, and a Mach 3 razor handle.






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Right now I sell by word of mouth and my facebook page but on the 17th of Nov I have a booth at a holiday market where I will be taking orders for customs.

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Those are super cool :) If ever you get the chance, look up trench war art. I saw an exhibit at the war museum in Ottawa a few years ago. pretty inspiring stuff. They had a complete tea set someone had made for their mum out of various spent shells. Every time he finished a piece he would send it to his mum. It had beautiful carvings on it and all. Little sad seeing it in the museum though. If I had something like that, I'd use it everyday.

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