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Eduardo Barron

TRL Scales are in The Hobbit

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For 2 years we have been hiding a *precious* secret and we finally get to share!
TheRingLord scales are in The Hobbit. 
Back in 2011, we were contacted by Weta to make 40 shirts for elf armor.
The scales are small champagne anodized aluminum. We don't have a good pic yet as today is the release date and Weta keeps costume pics tight! 
We subcontracted the assembly of the shirts. 1 of the 40 shirts was assembled in Saskatoon by Darren Wood - the remaining 39 were assembled by MailleTec.com
The assembly didn't end there though!
MailleTec's Eric Matwe (Lorenzo on this Forum) was then flown down to the set in New Zealand and got to work with Weta costumers to re-imagine the scales and how they fit with the rest of the Elven armor. 
MailleTec discusses this on their site here



They can also be spotted at the 5:30 mark briefly in this video


The scales used are our small champagne anodized aluminum. You can see them here


We will be watching for the scales as we go to the Hobbit for our work Christmas party!

We hope you enjoy spotting them as well!

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SO awesome - and can I say, I am also glad that you did not discontinue the champagne coloured scales, they're a fab colour. Have to wait for the Hobbit to be released here on the 26th but I'll be watching out for the scales! I saw the stainless mesh in Thor TDW too!

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And here is the shot that shows the scales! - they are the edging on the elf coats at the bottom middle.


Oooooh!! Yes, they look really good, I like how they've blended some darker scales in. So awesome! (I couldn't see the pic unless I clicked on it, if anyone else is having the same trouble.)

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