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I need some pointers

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My best friend has decided to get married. This is something a lot of people never thought would happen, so we are all a little shocked and excited for her.


I have been given the honour of being her matron of honor and am also helping gather the needed accessories for the wedding.


One thing I have been helping with is trying to find the bridal jewellery. We've found a few styles that we like, however they are either way to pricey or very flimsy.


Since I have a modicum of talent for weaving chains, I have decided that I am going to make the silly accessories and avoid any more stress from "shopping"


Fortunately I still have a ton of time before the event, and there are only the 3 of us in the bridal party, including the bride.


I am going to be making a necklace, bracelet, and possibly earrings for each lady.


What I would like to know is, what type of chain would be best to use for this, and how fine of rings can I get away with?

We all really like the bizantine weave and, as a bracelet, it could easily be used as a charm bracelet afterwards.


As a necklace, I find 18g 5/32" rings to be a bit big and clunky. So, how fine might I be able to go. Also, might sterling silver rings be out of order here?


Thanks in advance all!

Happy Friday!

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I suggest if you like byz then just decide to go with that so you can move on to the other choices you need to make. It is very easy to make single or multy chain necklaces of byz so that the party has matching pieces yet the brides pice can be more dramatic as is common. You could also easily make single chains for all but graduate the size for the brides fairly easily for a more subtle difference.

You can go as fine as you want depending on the material. I have done bridal pieces in stainless steel but I always ask the bride what she wants and design based on the the limits of the material. Silver scales well for jewelry strength as long as you reduce the ring size with the wire thickness. As an example 20g 1/8th is strong enough and plenty dainty and delicate looking. If I was expecting to hang charms from it later though I might choose a thicker ring as dangling elements tend to drag and snag more often so more strength is desirable.

Here is an example of 20g 1/8th with some sterling beads.


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With stainless I've gone as small at 24 gauge 1/16" in byz.  This provides a reasonable strength and a very delicate appearance. 


I wouldn't recommend it for a charm bracelet though, as Borealis said, charms can catch, especially on a bracelet.  It does work quite well for necklaces though.  I made one for my wife about 6 years ago, and it's holding up fine, despite daily wear. :)

It also multi-strands beautifully.


The first picture is of my wife's necklace, the second is a triple strand choker I made for myself.




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I'm doing the same thing for my daughter's wedding. I'll be making necklaces and earrings for the bride's maids and my daughter. 


While we haven't figured out what I'll be making my daughter, she has decided that we will be using 18 5/32 sterling and niobium rings for a byz necklace and earrings. We'll also be adding in some Swarovski pearls and crystal hearts as accents.


The 18 5/32 doesn't seem too bulky, but the will of the bride is paramount.  :biggrin:


I don't have any pictures yet as all I've done on it so far is a test chain with multiple elements so she could see what they looked like and make some decisions.


One thing we are doing is including this: http://www.artbeads.com/psa-msend009.html


We are using it more as a part of the focal from which to hang the crystal heart. It sort of helps to downplay the size of the chain. 


Best of luck!

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Why not make the necklace out of graduated Byzantine to compliment the bracelet. you could start with 20ga 1/8 and slowly work up to a 18 5/32 in the center.  you could even put tails of Euro 2in2 leading back to the clasp

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Thanks for all the helpful suggestions!  I have been fishing for some direction from the bride at the same time.  Most of the responses have been something like "You'll make them pretty, I trust you."  Kinda helps being the matron of honor as well, she knows that I will make them the best I can.


Byzantine is the chain of choice for all 3 and I think we're going to be keeping them fairly simple and straight forward. The theme of the wedding is red (her favourite colour) and lady bugs. So it should be interesting indeed to see what I can come up with.


Not to mention finding charms and things that suit the theme of the day. :)


The bracelets are probably going to be 18g straight out, as I'd like them to be strong enough to be used as charm bracelets or whatever my counter part wants to use hers for afterwards.


My necklace ideas keep changing in my head as each day goes by.  Thankfully I have a lot of time to practice and decide what I want to do before committing to one definite plan. It's a little tough to make a choice and a bit of a daunting project as well.  Firstly, I'm still pretty new at maille-ing and not sure my skills are up to muster for such an important project and secondly well, I just hope everyone likes what I make.


Thanks again!!  Any and all suggestions are more than

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