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Small AA Scale Burr Issue Details

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This post is to show you what the burr on the small AA scale hole is and details about it. 


First and most important - there are several notes that need to be very clear about this burr:


#1 We fixed the problem causing it and retrained staff so it should not happen again. Details on this are here


#2 The only scales affected are small anodized aluminum - and only as noted on our site. If it doesn't have a note it is not affected. (this means no large scales and no other materials are affected)

At the time of posting this the following scales small anodized aluminum are NOT affected: black in bulk, all blue (bulk and bagged), gold in bulk, all red (bulk and bagged), bulk orange and all mirror (bulk and bagged)


#3 The burr varies from very mild to noticeable "smushing" - most of the burrs are very mild


#4 In all cases these scales will not show the burr and are perfectly useable for the standard overlapping scale pattern. For sculptural weaves you may need to tweak a ring size if the burr interferes. If it is visible and you do not like the appearance then the burred scales are not the best choice for your project. 


#5 The burr is on the convex side - if your project shows the concave side there is no burr. 


#6 As the scales are re-made the website stock will be updated removing the note. No note means no problem. 


I'd like to reiterate the burr is very slight in most cases. Please see the attached image. 

The purple and green shown here show a smooshing and the dark color makes it more obvious.

Again this is completely covered by the standard overlapping scale pattern!

The other scale in the circle pattern all have a slight burr- some you can't even see in the pic. 

The blue and the orange shown have no burr.







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Hi and thank-you Bernice.

My apologies for what I realize now is negativity. I intended to offer a way of using up the scales but didn't come across well.

Sorry for missing this link... I can get sidetracked with other topics.

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