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I bought some AA1814darkpurple in Order #222986 with a frIend on November 17, 2013 (2013-11-17), and I'm having some issues.

In a bag of 500 rings, I've pulled out over 100 rings so far that are unusable due to patchy colouring or because they're misshapen (that is, they are not round when closed).  I am well aware of the presence of touch marks in the machine cut AA anodizing process, but this is well beyond touch marks.

I have attached photos showing the issue, and am happy to take and attach additional photos upon request.


What I'd like to know is if I just happened to get a bad batch of rings and I'll have to live with it (20%+ duds?) or did something go wrong somewhere...


I understand that almost 6 months later is far too late for a refund, particularly on an opened bag of rings, but I'd like to know if I have any options.






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Its really hard for me to troubleshoot items from that long ago. Typically if there is a problem with a batch like this we put a note on the site and if the problem warrants we adjust the price. 

The batch we have now will not be the same rings and there is no note. Since the batch in the bin is different any note would be gone now. 

I have also not had any other complaints on this size and color that I'm aware of. 


All I can do is assure you that if there is an issue like that we do our best to make sure its noted on the site and the price adjusted. 

Its also really hard to tell whats happened to the rings in the interim- were they stepped on in the bag or not? Or abraded in any other way? This would cause what you are seeing.


I can't issue a credit on the forum - you would have to email if you are wanting a partial credit.


As for lining up - you are comparing saw cut to machine cut rings. There will always be a divot on the machine cut. The 2nd issue here is the rings you have are 18g 1/4" - this means they are very loose open rings (thin donut). The thinner the donut the weaker the rings so they can warp if handled slightly off or if a lot of weight is put on them. 

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I understand that this is difficult to handle as of the age of the rings, but I appreciate your reply nonetheless =)


As far as I know, the rings were never stepped on or abraded in any way - as soon as they were in my possession I opened the bag and transferred them into a storage case, and since they've been in that storage case there's never been any weight on them aside from normal gravity xD


My only other guess for weight having been applied to them would be whatever they were with when they were shipped, as I think we all know the postal service isn't always exactly gentle with parcels. However, I don't recall that being a particularly large order, and the only other things in with them would've been other sizes of AA and BA...so I don't think they would've been crushed under anything they were shipped with.


My photo does compare machine cut to saw cut, yes. I don't have any other machine cut 18swg 1/4" to compare to, and I've never really had an issue like this with other sizes. I've had 18g 3/16" that've had some sligtly off ones, but I find it's less noticeable in that size. I've used these purple rings in Full Persian 6 and Half Persian 4, and haven't noticed the shape there - where I noticed the issue was when trying to do Helm Chain with them.


I'm not too concerned about a refund, I mainly just wanted to know if something had happened with this particular batch regarding the splotchy colouring, but I understand that the order was made too long ago to be able to tell.


Thanks for getting back to me, Bernice =) 

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