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Starting Inventory

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As I gear up to creating an inventory of items to sell, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to work on most.

I plan on making small, easier to make items like bracelets, finger rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. I also want to make a few novelty items like wine bottle cozies, card/coin purses, and small bags. Finally, a big piece or two for show that can be special ordered.


The plan is to start at local craft fairs, sell online via facebook and/or a website, and whatever else I can think of.


I know that what I make will greatly depend on what sells in my area and at the venue where it is offered, but certainly others have created something that really sold well and things that did not sell well. Like, people may have discovered that finger rings don't actually sell as well as would be expected and it may be a waste of time. 


Are there any glaring problems with my "plan?" 


Any helpful advise about mistakes that I'm about to make?


Any other information would be appreciated also.

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Bracelets and earrings have always outsold anything else for me though I carry many products.

Check out this thread. It has much info along what your looking for as you get started.

Creating a respectable booth

Lots of small lower cost items are much better impulse buys especially when you have larger impressive attention getting items to show off. Scale flowers do well also as thy can be incorporated into pins, hair clips, magnets, and as elements of other jewelry.

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