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First order, zero issues.

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Everything arrived, everything looks great, shipping was perhaps a touch slow but that's on UPS, not TRL..

The rose colored anodized saw-cut titanium rings I ordered are more consistently colored than I expected with just enough difference to notice upon scrutiny.. Very minor burring on the minority of rings thus far. Minor enough that I've simply crushed the burr with my needle nose pliers and it's flaked right off. The anodizing seems of a decen tquality as well, I only have very minor scratching even on the rings that got away from me and slipped out of the jaws of my Wubbers.


The rubber rings I ordered are dust-free and more stretchy and resilient than I expected.


The black/green byzantine kit I ordered came with everything advertized and I have little doubt that it will make the claimed 40" of chain. The green is a pleasant emerald color (very close to what my monitor showed) and the black is dark and shiny with only a light hint of purple in direct sunlight. I believe I saw somewhere on this forum that it was recommended that customers vigorously shake the bags of AA rings for a few moments before opening to help knock off any burrs.. Worked for me. I've had virtually no noteworthy burrs and I've yet to see any flaws in the anodizing or in the aluminum

My only (very minor) complaint is that the black lobster claw clasps that came with the byzantine kit have unnecessarily strong springs in them.. I like my bracelets to fit a bit on the tight side, and I had to use a pair of pliers to hold it open when putting my bracelet on. Still, very minor annoyance made even more minor by the fact that I'm all but positive that this clasp is never going to come loose on it's own..

Overall a very, very positive first experience! Will most certainly be ordering again.

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