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Spike Star Kit Trouble

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Has anyone had serious issues with the small spike star kit not fitting together?  I understand that it is a structural weave, but I can't get more than 3 of the final set of 18ga 1/4" rings into it without opening rings.  


I've tried using AA rings since they are a little thinner, and still had this problem.  I've also tried using some 18ga 5/32" rings instead of the 1/4" rings, to give me more room, but I still am not able to finish the star.


Are there any tricks I'm missing to get it to work?  

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Are you using the exact ring sizes listed in the instructions?

Did you make the rings or are they ours? 

What material and cut?


I used the rings from the kit you sell.  Everything in it is from that kit.  I first started with the exact sizes you have listed, and the problem show was even worse.  To try to fix the problem I upped the 18ga 1/4 rings to 18ga 5/16.  This got me a little more space, but not enough to get all the spikes connected.  

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OK so you have 5 20g 5/32" thru the loops in the spikes?

Then 19g 3/16" thru that ring and folded back beside the spike?

18g 5/16" as the center ?

Then you started with 18g 1/4" as the sandwich rings?


I can't check your order thru messages on the forum - so I suggest emailing. 

If all of this is correct then the ony answer is a ring size is wrong or off. I'd have to get you to check each ring. We have a way to do this but we should change to email. 

Please email directly to order at theringlord dot com.

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