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MAILLE FAQ - All you need to know and then some

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All you need to know and more - a compilation of posts and websites that are the most informational and helpful concerning all the major and repeated subjects.

Right now it has holes in it - missing info and so on - so please say something if I need to add, change, edit, etc.


There are a few excellent sites that cover all - or most - of this information.

The Ring Lord is just one of many.

Two more excellent sources for history, how to's, inspiration and info galore:


Maille Artisans

Mail Artisans Library of Articles (every subject I touch on and more)

And classic info:

Wikipedia - about Chainmail

Now - I really suggest you go to the faq section in the forum - covers so much good stuff...far more than what I've put into this list. TRL FAQ

But- because you might need info in a quick click:

(I tried to choose a different source site for every reference in hopes to spread knowledge of the larger community)

The Craft

Where do I begin?

Intro to Maille

I want to get started making my own rings and maille and I know nothing

D Norris can help

Is it Chainmaille, Maille, Mail, Chain Mail?

TRL post

What is a 'weave'

The term 'weave' refers to how the rings are put together to form a pattern, simply put - but...go here for more information on that term and it's many uses:

Chainmail basket can help

What is __ part of armor called?

ShadowMist can help

Ring related specifics

Ring Size chart

TRL ring-cutting methods

Which rings work with ___ weave?

The Ring Lord reference (also includes ring strength (will it work?) )

Metal Designs reference

What AR works with what weaves?

Zlosk's help

Fraction/Decimal/Metric conversion chart

Tools of the Trade

I have my rings but I want to know other ways of cutting them

Wire cutters -TRL

Tools for saw cutting - TRL

Other Tools to use

Pliers - TRL



EZ earring tool (for making your own earring wires)

Ways to permanently close your rings (will make your weave stronger)

Welders - TRL

Derakon's Soldering Primer

Rivet Rings and Overlapped Rings - TRL

Ring Storage

I have all these rings and beads and things - and where do I put them?

Tin storage - photo - TRL Post

Different types/sizes tins in bulk

Container with hinge

Shipwreck beads - bead storage

Tackle Boxes

Tumbling rings &

Polishing rings

Tumbling media - TRL post

TRL Tumblers and tumbling media

Rock Tumbler info

What Is?

What is wire Gauge?

What is Awg / Swg?

What is AR?

What is butted / Riveted Maille

Fourth Armoury

What is ID?

What is a mandrel?

and any other what is you can think of:

Maille Artisans glossary of terms

Weave help:

Where can I find good tutorials / how to's?

The Ring Lord's downloadable book - great if you don't have constant net access

TRL Instructions:


*Maille calendar

Phong's Tutorials

Derakon's Library

Making maille is so tedious and I hate it!

TRL sells welded maille by the foot in a variety of gauges and ring sizes.

Help, I have __ problem with: (listing 4 most common, trinity 'cause I just like it)


My Dragonscale is too tight - TRL Post

My Dragonscale is too loose (the small rings slip out of place) - TRL Post ( I know it's been asked, I just couldn't find it )

Can I speedweave Dragonscale? - TRL post

*Jen's Pinds

Jen's Pinds - right id, woven wrong - TRL Post

Jen's Pinds - wrong id, doesn't weave right - TRL Post


Half Persian 4/1 help - TRL Post

HP 3/1 Cabochon wrapping - TRL Post


Derakon's library

*Japanese 12/2 - standard and Scallop/Vamp ring suggestions

TRL post

Can I make my own curb chain?

Ganoskin can help

Scale Maille

What is it? How do I do it? Where do I buy the scales

TRL Scale page has all you need

Inlay Graph Paper

Zlosk can help with this, too Sorry - us few Mac users are in the cold for this - so we must use:

MailleWorks graph paper

and because I'm a Mac user I've found that it works best with Palette or Photo Edit

Wirework help:

Twisted Wire - Lapidary Journal

Bead and Jewelry stuff:

Jewelry Itroduction - covers:

*Types of cuts.

*Adding in beads.

*How to make your own clasp.

*Metals to use.

*Closing persian 6/1,

*Weaving GSG.

Adding beads to chain - TRL Post

Lampwork bead info - TRL Post

Finger ring size conversion chart For when you don't have a mandrel - and you need to figure it all out with some good old math.

Another one - this is a list, not a calculator, I found it more useful at a glance

Bead and Button - for a lot of bead related facts, tutorials and help.

Where can I buy beads and other supplies locally?

local bead store search engine

How do I take really nice photographs of my pieces?

MKDigital Direct - excellent resource Provides ideas and tips for all types - especially photographing gold, silver and platinum :D

TableTopStudio - another good resource

Where Can I sell my pieces?

Where can I buy other people's maille?

Business Stuff

Maille Market



Etsy (credit card is required)

Or start your own website:

How do I start my own website?

How do I start a small business?

How Do I do anything else business related?


Small Business Administration

Ok - there, I'm exhausted now - back to weaving and beading.

*final edit*

Ok - I'm now encouraging everyone who has ideas about new links and other info to add onto this thread with whatever else you feel would be benificial and worth sharing.

I've gone through and tweaked it endlessly and it's getting to a point where I'm afraid that I'll mess it up if I tinker with it anymore.

Thanks for the sticky! And thanks, everyone, for your appreciation of my efforts.

We have my husband's deployment overseas to thank for this thread. LOL - at least something good has come from the US being in Iraq, eh? (just a joke - har har, poor taste, I know)

Have a good one! Happy mailling!

And post your stuff in the gallery for all of us to oogle!!

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Searching for some of this info was a pain in the butt - I've been working on it for a while, now...

Which brings up a point - it would be soooo helpful for future searches if people were curteous enough to actually type what they were asking/posting about in their subject.

Lots of 'Help me' and such - but nothing more.

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*Adds Link*

Something I posted a while back for someone.

Jewelry Introduction

How to make a clasp video

How to close Persian 6-1

How to weave GSG


We definitely need something like this, the "Intro to maille" in the FAQ section is a little outdated.

http://www.theringlord.org/forum/showthread.php?t=28901 << FAQ thread



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Looks great so far, I'm not all here right now, but I'll think on it while at work and saee if there's anything I think should be added.

Awesome work though!


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Ok - educate me real quick how you link to a particular part in a post - Like what Jade just did...I couldn't get that to work for me.

*edit* Ok - I've updated it with the suggestions thus far and rearranged it a bit - trying to make it very fluid so it makes sense and it's organized well.

Ok - anyone want to suggest what posts/sites for tumbling info?

There are quite a few - and I don't tumble - so I can't decide.

tumble search results

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to go to the actual post after the url add the post number. You can get this by quoting the post.

[quote name='katklause'] 

Then just format to the thread's URL.




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Here's a good page on tumbling jewelry - http://www.geocities.com/mbleily/Tumbling.html

And your link to the search results is kaputt. I believe the search results time out after a little while.

Theresa (who might also add her articles on aspect ratio, wire gauges, and/or ring sizes to the list :D)

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Ok - I've added those, rearranged a bit more - now it includes Ring Storage, Tumbling, and those links you listed - thank you.

Keep the input coming, it's getting there :)

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Ok...updated with info on tumblers, cutting methods, other tool, closure methods (welding,soldering, etc)

A chart for Metric/decimal/fraction conversion, too.

Maille by the foot

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...I was just on that site tonight to help with figuring out how to make my photos not suck. :D


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Hehe - I found it the other day when I was trying to learn the right way to photograph pearls. It's really good -covers everything and then some.

I'm using a big plastic storage bin and two cheap desk lamps with halogen bulbs overhead...some fabric underneath, voila....so far so good.

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I made a photo "tent" by cutting the sides out of a cardboard TV box and draping a curtain over it, and I've got a couple of Ott Lites to shine on each side. Between that and fiddling with the aperture settings, things are looking pretty good... except that the focus isn't as crisp as I'd like it. So off to do more research, I guess.

And like go FAQ. :P


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I bought tabletopstudio's light tent for work (I make video clips of jewelry).

I use plastic disks in black & white that work the same way as their reflective tables.

I'll eventually get around to linking some maille videos.

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I think the biggest question I get asked is where I buy my lampwork. Here is my response in a recent post.

I use several different artists.

Karen Hall sells only on ebay: http://myworld.ebay.com/aussie*fire*beads/

Anita Pepper I use a lot as I love her work- by far the best boro artist I have ever worked with. She sells on ebay: http://myworld.ebay.com/hotflashwanda/ (she does not appear to have any auctions going right now- but just go to her past auctions just to die for!)

http://myworld.ebay.com/lavendercreek/ (worth every penny- and a lot of them..lol)



http://myworld.ebay.com/newmoondesign/ (fairly new artist but very, very talented!)

And the one artist I would love to buy from but her beads run anywhere from 400.00-3,500.00 for a set http://myworld.ebay.com/bluffroadglass

Anyway those are the ones I use the most.

A note about mass produced lampwork beads:

Most bead stores carry mass produced lampwork that is not kiln annealed. Make sure your lampwork beads are annealed and if you want something original use SRAs not bead store lampwork. I buy all mine online and never had a problem. Although mass produced lampwork is way cheaper so if you are on a tight budget that might be a better avenue.


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