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Eduardo Barron

Move Schedule FYI

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In case you haven't heard we're moving! 

The details were announced in a thread last week



I thought I'd post the rough outline of our move schedule to keep everyone in the loop. 


Sat Aug 16 --->  Wed 20: We will be picking and shipping orders normally during this time period - you must pay the rush preparation fee if you need to  ensure your order ships before the move.

Manufacturing will be making stock. 

Move Preparations. Stock bins are being filled, overstock is being readied for transport, orders are being picked to try to get as many out as possible. Some few items will be marked out of stock during this period as they will be bundled and ready for transport - eg mandrels and likely TA scales. Also during this period we will be finalizing the staff being hired in Toronto. 


Thurs Aug 21: We will be picking and shipping orders normally this day - you must pay the rush preparation fee if you need to  ensure your order ships before the move. This is the last day you can place an order and have any chance of it shipping before the move at all.

Manufacturing is shut down to ready machines for transport.

Over stock will be shipped to Toronto.


Fri Aug 22: We will be picking and shipping orders normally this day - no orders placed this day will ship before the move.

Manufacturing machines are shipped to Toronto. All machines that are moving will be shipped. The punches and machines for making machine cut rings will be staying in Saskatoon for the current time. 


At the end of Friday Aug 22nd business day shipping will be no longer be shipping orders.

Also on this day the shipping on our website will be converted to reflect the new USPS options!


Sat Aug 13 - Mon Aug 25: Shipping Pick area will be readied for transport. Monday AM our shipping department and any remaining items to be transported will be loaded up and shipped off. 


Tues Aug 26- Monday Sept 1st: No orders will ship during this period. We will be accepting orders normally on our site. If you need your order to ship as soon as we are back up and shipping you must pay the rush fee to be bumped to the top of the picking pile. Saskatoon staff will be making punched product and machine cut rings. Toronto staff will be organizing the products and machines int he new space.


Tues Sept 2: Day 1 shipping from our new location! We will be shipping all services, packing orders and making product!


We have a lot of hands working to make this process go smoothly. We greatly appreciate all your support and understanding in this process. 

If/when any hiccups occur we will post and let you know. I look forward to posting some move prep pics as we go as well!


 Here are a couple pics of our progress to date. 






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