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Eduardo Barron

USPS Shipping + new International Services!

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The #1 complaint we have had over the years has been our shipping prices. We have done our absolute best over the years to get these as low as possible. We have hugely discounted UPS rates and we ship at cost. 

There are many reasons we decided to move, but at the top of the list is that we can now offer USPS shipping and pass along those savings to you!

So even though it took moving 3000 km (1900 miles) we heard you and we responded. 


We are now offering USPS shipping!


We are pleased to offer USPS Priority Mail (and first class for very light parcels only). All services have the same transit speed - so we have pre-selected the cheapest option based on your order volume and weight. So if you order 5 lbs of a very large open loose aluminum ring it will take more volume than 5 lbs of say 16g 3/16" tight small stainless. These 2 likely would show different USPS rates during checkout.

All our USPS shipments travel from Niagara, NY. They are picked up from us at about 3pm EST and dropped off in the early AM in NY. 


The vast majority of orders will see HUGE savings and faster transit times using USPS

Examples: UPS ground = 7-12 business days in transit and used to start at $13 for the 1st pound (see rate notes for UPS - they are lower now too)

                 USPS = 2-3 days in transit and includes Saturday and is low as $2.58 for an ounce or $6.20 for a pound.

That's less than HALF PRICE for shipping!


We also still offer UPS. This service is best for orders that are more complex and require multiple parcels using USPS. UPS is also our only option for orders that require overnight service. We are not able to offer overnight with USPS. All UPS shipments ship from Toronto, ON. This is also the only option for orders >$200 going to the US. This is because after $200 the parcel requires special customs papers (that we have always and still will fill out for you and pay for for you)

We re-negotiated our UPS rates with this move and they have been further discounted by 10%. This extra discount was not an option in Saskatoon as we are in the boonies.



New International Options

We now offer USPS and a new international service for light weight parcels. The international service starts are $2.20 for less than 0.22 lbs

We will still offer both Canada post and UPS as these will be the best options for larger shipments. 



During this process of changing services we also re-evaluated what we charge for insurance. This is built into all prices you are shown. We used to charge based on weight - we now charge based on value. So if your 5 lb shipment is $100 it will show a different rate than if it is $25

Our insurance rate is an exceptionally low 0.5%. That's pennies for most orders. 


Please click this link for more details on all services.

You can play with the new rates here without adding items to your cart.




Please do note we are currently in transit - we are shut down for the next week for our move. The details are here


If you place your order now you will enter the order queue in the order in which your order was received. We start shipping in Toronto September 2nd.


We've been dying to offer this option to you for years and we are extremely excited and pleased to be able to offer it now. 


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Count my opinion as "yay" for the new shipping (I'm in the US) - not only cheaper, but my parcel will arrive tomorrow, 4 days after shipping! Amazing, and Thank You!

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We are closer to more people from here - so in that way yes. We are new to customs from this port and I can tell you a couple things from our first few weeks: they are better set up for more parcels and faster clearance and there is less special paperwork required by us. So I'd say a tentative yes I think the border may be faster here. 

Also we are hours from the border not a day away this might also help. 

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