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Eduardo Barron

Misc New Products - incl. GITD rubber!

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Jon spent this previous week in Toronto cleaning up odd product loose ends and it has resulted in a few new products. 

(I apologize for the really poor pic - I am currently 3000 km away from my light tent!)


GITD silicone rings! These are nice and stretching and strong! They are 14g 5/16" but can be woven with other 16g rings as they are stretchy.

We also added:


Spools of chain- our usual plated china but you can purchase it in bulk on a spool. 

Medium Size scales in the Mirror finish aluminum



Tons more Anodized Aluminum ring specials at the top of the AA pages


2 more sizes of black fabric in our welded maille area

Saw cut stainless 20ga 11/64'' ID as a standard rings size



Saw cut Square wire 20g 1/8" in copper, brass and bronze


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