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quality of goldfilled rings

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Hey  guys!


I have some costumers who want gold jewllery but they are abit worried about the longterm effect on the goldfll rings. anyone who had any problem with the gold rubbing of or getting damaged?



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Hi Lingvarion!


I've done a fair amount of gold fill jewellery.  There's never been a problem with the gold rubbing off.  Unlike gold plated, which is literally microns thick, the gold fill is a thick layer of gold, and will not rub off or wear away. 

As for damage, the interior metal for gold fill is a strong brass, if my memory serves, and it holds up very well to wear and tear.  Like all things, it has its limits, but if it breaks, its not due to weak materials, its due to rough handling or getting snagged. 

Personally, I've never had an issue with gold fill wearing out or breaking under normal use, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants gold without the extreme cost of solid gold.


Hope that helps.






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