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need display ideas for craft fair

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I'm headed to my first craft fair, a few months from now. Any ideas on attractive, inexpensive ways to display my wares? I make necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings.  (I have a 10 X 10 canopy and plan on getting an 8' folding table). Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Ideally you'd want to display your items so people can see how they'll look when worn. So, hang your earrings, drape your necklaces, put your bracelets on something roughly arm-sized. Try to avoid having anything just put flat on the table.

Add height to your display. Wooden crates are handy, if you can get them cheaply, since they also allow you to carry stuff in them.

Make groupings, either by type (bracelets, earrings) or style (masculine, steampunk, colourful).


Cheap display materials: look around your house or the nearest thrift store for items you could press into service for this.

Bracelets: cover a cardboard tube (from a carpeting store, for instance) with fabric as a bracelet display. Or use driftwood, cut-down branches, rolling pins...

Earrings: wire mesh makes for a quick display that lets you space your earrings evenly. Have some fabric behind the mesh to better display the earrings. Tack the whole thing to the back of an empty picture frame if you can.


And most importantly, get a sign or banner with your store name, and business cards. Oh, and have price tags or signs for everything. Customers often hate asking for the price on anything.

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You might be surprised at just how inexpensive jewellery displays can be. I've dealt with a company that's local to me, that has some dirt cheap. Odds are that you can find someone local to you who stocks similar stuff, or perhaps find it online via eBay, etc..


Than again with the fact that the Canadian dollar is low right now.... ;)



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A table cover of any kind, even if it's a black plastic one from the party store or a few yards of discount fabric, looks more finished than a bare table. Plus, you can then use boxes and lifts under the fabric to get wares 'up' without needing to make all the boxes match.


The added advantage of using boxes and risers on the table top is you can then use the back of the table yourself. Either by leaving a lip at the back, or turning crates sideways (instead of upside down) you give yourself a hidden place to put the packaging material, or receipts, or change box. It stays out of the sight of customers and doesn't look as cluttered.


Not only is it worth it to lift the items on the table, you can lift the whole table itself up using bed risers or steardy boxes or buckets. Think of how many people in a crowd just sort of shuffle past; if they don't have to bend down to see details then you may catch a few more potential sales mid-shuffle.


Wish you the best of luck!

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