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Jon Daniels

Help pick the colors for tiny scales

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Tiny scales started with 0.015" thick frost because we have a ton of strip in this size thanks to an order from NASA.  We tried using our stock 0.025 material and were not thrilled with the results.  So... we are willing to start with 5 new colors.


Note that we'll likely go with bright anodizing on the strip - i.e. all colors will be shiny like the mirror bright and the mirror gold scales that we've tried.


I'd say Black, red, blue and gold are in - note all 4 of these will be bright mirror finish colors - even the black.  5th is a close race - chime in with your favourite for the last color for this round of tiny scales.  


Here are average monthly sales stats for small scales (in 100s)

black 725 - winner

red 425  - 2nd

blue 358  3rd
gold 302   4th
clear 239  possible 5th although its similar to mirror clear
purple 235 possible 5th
green 233 possible 5th
bronze 214
champ 207
frost 172    - done - yay we started with #10 - ouch
mirror 162  possible 5th
orange 145
pink 112
And WOW - we sell 375,000 small anodized scales per month!

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My vote would be for mirror silver! Pairs well with black, frost, gold, especially. Very versatile. Clear brushed is too similar to frost for now. But I think a shiny silver would be very popular. People are talking "fish scales" with the micro ones in terms of impression they get, so I think shiny silver would evoke that.

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My top three votes are 

1) Green




Thank you


I know that's three, here's my thinking behind it, Blue rounds off the already slated colors, Orange completes the fire colors, that's my personal element, and purple because purple sells well. 

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