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Eduardo Barron

We're Hiring in Toronto!

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We have one manufacturing position open for our Toronto location.
Our factory is near Warden and Lawrence in Scarborough. It is conveniently located 1 block from a bus stop. 
Manufacturing Position
Your job would be:
-To operate a cutting machine to make saw cut rings.
-We're not looking for anyone with experience doing this - as there are only a handful of people in the world who have even seen this set up. We are looking for someone with the aptitude, interest and enthusiasm to learn.
-In addition to this, you would be operating and monitoring an automated bagging machine, which requires attention to detail and the ability to lift up to 50 pounds. 
-Depending on aptitude you will be asked to do other jobs as well, such as making coils from wire, cleaning, inventory and a variety of other tasks. 

We need you to have the following skills: 
Dexterity to handle delicate tasks 
Ability to perform repetitive tasks without sacrificing quality 
Mechanical inclination 
Strong work ethic 
We need you to have the following skills:
-Ability to lift 45 pounds - some orders are heavy.
-Able to do repetitive work without sacrifice to quality or accuracy. This is very important! No one likes getting an order with an error in it.
The position is full time and permanent Mon - Fri. 
The hours are 8-4. 
The wage is competitive. We offer a basic medical and dental benefits package and, of course, a staff discount! All staff get wholesale prices.

How To Apply
Please email Grant using the email grant at theringlord dot com
We would love to see a resume with your work experience. These are not a weaving chain mail jobs so we want to know your work history please. Feel free to include a note if you wish about chainmail experience.
We would also love to see a cover letter. No need for an essay.

Best of luck! 

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would it be wrong of me to send my husbands resume in and then see if there are opening at hospitals in the area for me? I suppose I would need to tell him about it if he got called in for an interview. :innocent:

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