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Eduardo Barron

Announcing the SpeedBump!

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Announcing the SpeedBump! 

Over the years we've hosted many speed weaving contests and we've noticed that the winners all had an unfair physical advantage. All the winners had a bellies on which to rest their hands and maille - whether they be from beer or baby. 

Now you can gain that speed edge too!

Custom designed by TRL for maillers - this strap on belly bump will increase your mailling speed! You can even maille while walking! And it has a cup holder!

The SpeedBump is specially designed for all body shapes - it can augment your existing bump, nest under any female curves or simply add to your slim figure. 

Available exclusively from TheRingLord.com



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Yes, you too can look 8 months pregnant while mailing!


Seriously, it looks great!  I know I weave fast when I have a pillow  to rest my hands on. :)


Happy April 1st!

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