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WTB: Old Stock TRL 18swg (equivalent) 5/16" Square Wire Saw Cut Stainless Steel Rings

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Hello, All!


Looking for some of the old stock, TRL 18swg (equivalent)/ .047" SQUARE WIRE 5/16" saw cut stainless steel rings. These are the ones that are not a true square wire, with a sharp edge, but are square with a sort of rounded over edge--almost octagonal in profile. I could use at least several ounces to maybe a half pound? Could also use some in 1/4" made from the same wire stock, but not as important--I've still got a few of those. ;-)

 you have some that you know you just won't ever use, I'd be interested in buying up a few. Will pay "face value", plus shipping, from the U.S.---international only if shipping costs are reasonable.

My thanks in advance...

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