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WTS a lot of old/unused stock. Google doc of inventory in post.

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Good day, everyone!


I'm trying to down-size my stock of rings, scales, and beads that I bought but either never used, or don't use anymore.

I'm pricing everything at the 15% TRL discount price, with further discounts available for >$100 orders. It's quite possible to make me go below cost, but I'm fine with it as long as I can clean house.




This Google Doc has most everything I'm trying to sell off. But, it's constantly being added to as I count my stock. If there's something on the list without quantites/prices, it's because I haven't counted it yet. If you're interested in something specific that's incomplete, I can make it a priority.

Noteable missing items from the doc are my small and large scales, tags (sm, me, lg, x-lg, & square) and packs of JBSTONE, and JBSW color.


I also have a figurative ton of marbles that I've caged in chainmaille for years. I have 9/16" (14mm), 5/8" (16mm) player, and 1" (25mm) shooters.

They were super popular on my Etsy, back in the day: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Sneath/sold?page=43

Or for sculpture: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/3940-marble-dodecahedron/



If the Google Doc doesn't work, let me know.


I'm located in Spokane, Washington in the USA.

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Will keep an eye out as you add things in... What i'm really looking for is 18swg saw cut square wire stainless steel, in TRL old stock (rounded edge)... If some of that turns up, I am definitely interested!

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