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Order discrepancies

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Hey there!


So I got my order (yay!) but there are two discrepancies.


1) I ordered 2 JcMAG-Sterling (sterling silver magnetic ball shaped clasps) and didn't receive any.  I emptied the bag and box and turned it all upsidedown, but no sterling clasps to be found.  I will be needing the clasps, or maybe a credit?  I use the stainless version of these clasps on a popular stock item I sell but those have been out of stock for a while now, so I ordered the sterling and I really can't stress enough how much I need either the sterling version or the stainless steel.

2) I ordered a KIT-AJ-BR (advanced brass jewelry kit) and everything is there, but the 16g 7/32 rings were substituted with yellow brass.  These rings don't match the jewelers brass the rest of the kit came in.  Is this a normal substitution?  In future should I leave a note on my order specifying not to do this? 


Thanks for your time!

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I was putting away my order last night and found the clasps.  They were WAY smaller than the stainless version I had bought in the past and were sealed into the corner of a bag of copper scales.



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Greetings, please email any order issues to orders at theringlord dot com in future. I just saw this post now.
The kit you bought comes with the BR16732 as part of the kit. You can see all kit items when you "view cart" before checkout. This item in the kit is normal. 

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