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Looking to sell a Ringinator

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Hi, I'm looking to sell my Ringinator, only been lightly used.

It works great, but I got it mainly to cut stainless steel rings, and the blades just are not up to it.  For softer metals it's great and fast.

If you are interested, what you would get would be everything that comes with the Ringinator; all of the frame pieces, the catch bowls, the tachometer, one blade, and all of the bolts & screws and instructions.  In addition, I would include the 3/4" drive drill I purchased to power it, the safety glasses and ear protectors.  I would include the cutting oil I bought, but postal regulations prevent it.  All plugs are US 120v.

With shipping, I would want $415 for everything, that's an $80 saving over what they are currently selling for. Also willing to consider offers.

Payment would be through Paypal.

If you are interested, let me know.


Katrina Wolffe


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