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Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Yep, its a real place. I've pretended to care about football and the Packers to get an 'in' with the locals. It's in the 50's today but its supposed to freeze over next week sometime then apparently its a frozen wasteland until May.

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Heh /snark on

They have football? ..Oh ya, and the Packers? heheh



Ya, forecasters are confused as hell about your area .. it's supposed to be snowing heavily with the storm headed your way. Instead some of the programs say heavy rains instead .. in Dec? at the Great Lakes?, that's just wrong.


We need to find ya some mailling buds, just for the company!

Oh and avoid Taco Bell, I dunno what the hell they do, but it seems they boil the meat up there and forget the spices, shudder.

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