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Jon Daniels

Gold and Platinum chainmail pricing

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How The Ring Lord prices rings in gold and platinum.


1. Figure out how many rings (or weight) you need.  Best way to do this is make your project in a cheaper metal - say copper for example.

2. Use the listed density of the precious metal to figure out the weight in precious metal. Here are the scale factors for metals we offer compared to copper:

10K Yellow Gold  1.27 time heavier then copper - in other words a bracelet that weighs 1 Oz on copper will weigh 1.27 Oz in 10K yellow gold

14K yellow Gold  1.44

18K yellow Gold  1.74

14K White Gold with Palladium (nickel free) 1.59

18K White Gold with Palladium (nickel free) 1.77

10K nickel white gold 1.26

14K Nickel white gold 1.43

Platinum 1.74


Pricing - Our precious metal mill uses grams - 28.3 grams in an Oz - however precious metal is commonly measured in OzT - like 31.1 grams


We get price breaks at 15G, 50G and 150G

For example today's gold price is $1363.75 USD/OzT

At this price 10K gold costs $22/gram for 1 to 15g, $21.15 for 15-50g, $20.50 for 50-150g, and $20.32 for more then 150G


All the price factors:

1. Metal - you pay what we pay for the metal - not quite as simple as it sounds

a. the mill will send a bit more wire then we order and bill us for the weight shipped - this extra weight might be useful.

b. we won't wreck any of your wire but we will make a bit of dust - we get to keep the dust - every couple years we send it back for refining.  We can use math to estimate the dust lose for you - hint - we take a 0.008 slice out of the ring.

c. shipping - if you are patient we order silver every 6 weeks or so.  if your gold ships with our silver its free shipping.  If your gold ships seperately its about $20

d. processing fees - if you use a credit card to pay for precious metal we charge you an extra 2% so we don't lose money on the card fees.  No fee on commercial accounts that pay by check or if you pay by Money Order.

e. If you are Canadian - you don't pay GST or HST or PST on the precious metal - its a tax loop hole that currency is not taxable and gold and platinum are considered currencies.

2. fabrication - we charge a min $25/size to make rings - after 1 Oz its $25/Oz - so 1.5Oz is a $37.50 fabrication fee


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