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Jon Daniels

Bulk deals on tiny scales AND Bonus deal on bright thin small scales

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We haven't really posted specials to the forum in a while.  I'll give this a try and see if forums still work!

Tiny Scale Bulk Deal  - for tiny scales we only sell bags of 100 shipped from our East Coast facility.  However I have a LOT of bulk tiny scales in our Central Canada facility.  Standard price on tiny scales is $3.50/100.  I'll offer bulk scales at $30/1000 in any color or mix.  Plus you get all volume discounts - for example if you are wholesale you get $22.50/1000.  BONUS deals - we also have tiny scales in hot pink and bright yellow (0.025 thick)  available at the same price.  But wait there is more. Tiny jewelry brass scales $6/100 with only a 100 scale min order.

Fineprint - need to email customer service to add to your order.  Orders will be delayed for 7-10 days as your bulk scales will be transferred to the East Coast facility

Available colors - shiny bat man black, frost (not shiny), mirror gold, green, mirror silver, purple, red, royal blue.

Thin scale deal -  we sell small scales in the same thin (0.016") bright color strip we make the tiny scales from BUT we only sell mixed.  For a limited time you can buy in individual colors.  $36/1000 with a min order of 1000 per color.  If you order a bunch of colors we could do 500 per color.  Volume discounts apply - same fine print as above

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